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What/Who Killed Al-Qaeda? Salafism, Not Drones, Special Operations or Big Intervening Armies, or Propaganda!

I was contemplating some thoughts based on recent observations (in comparison to past) of Al-Qaeda and I realized one very important thought, that is, it is Salafism (the extreme version of Islam) that is responsible for the (coming) inevitable death of the movement and not the western drones, special forces operations or big intervening armies or general propaganda efforts. 

In short, Al-Qaida’s [inevitable] death is due squarely on the movement’s shift away from purely military operations (the base), as originally conceived in its inception, to defend Muslim lands and people from foreign intervening/invading armies or local corrupt and barbaric Islamic armies/regimes (the favoured and supported vision by the global Muslims) and more towards the forced-politicization of Salafism among mainly peaceful and moderate global Muslims, fearful themselves of such extreme version of their religion with roots in pre-medieval culture. Thus it was this the original vision, Al-Qaeda as an expeditionary special forces in defence of global Muslims (hence ‘expeditionary forces’ to Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, etc), that brought Al-Qaeda to existence and to it’s height of popularity (esp. during Iraq War 2003) and not the one perpetuated by ”experts” in need, themselves, to sustain the popular ‘myth’ to continue sustaining their ‘services’ and ‘expertise’; the popular version came after the declaration of 1996 ‘Global Fatwa’ by Osama and his clique against Zionists etc.

To sum up, Al-Qaida will die out because the Global Muslims no longer view it as their ‘heroic defenders’ (as modelled and popularized from the Afghanistan-Soviet Wars of 1970-80s, to early 1990s Balkan Wars, and of course Iraq War 2003), but rather as extremists political movement (inclined mainly towards violent approaches to power) seeking to force Salafism upon the rest of 90 per cent of non-Salafists Global Muslims. It is this shift, correlative-ly brought by the shift in leadership away from mixed-schools of Islamic thoughts and nationalities drawn from such a broader nature of global Islamic fighters and leadership to one dominated by Egyptian (Qutbists and Wahhabists) Salafists-leadership of Zawahiri and Co., that is already slowly killing off Al-Qaeda and it’s popularity among the global Muslims rather than western forces or drones or propaganda efforts.

Al-Qaida will thus die-out by the sword it has chosen-Salafism! And it will be put to rest by the hands of the global Muslims themselves, who are fade up by their idiotic extremism positions and views.

No single Muslim movement has been provided by so much opportunities and chances to stand as a voice for all and to really unite the Muslims like Al-Qaeda, but the more chances and opportunities afforded to them the more they make wrong shift, squandering the most rarest of opportunities for global Islamic revolution– hence as I have always argued, Al-Qaeda leadership cadre needs far more political and social scientists than engineers; in other words, more intellectual-leadership than bombing-leadership!


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