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Egypt, Morsi & The Muslim Brotherhood: The First Western-Regional-Allies Orchestrated Coup de Etat Against the Rise of Popularly Elected Islamist Governments

One thing is for sure, at least for those of us with [even] the limited ‘in the loop’ understanding, or the following, of international affairs [politics and security] is that, the Egyptian so propagandily-portrayed recent event as either popular revolt by the Egyptians themselves or by the Egyptian Armed Forces on behalf of the Egyptian People which saw the removal from power of the popularly elected Muslim Brotherhood is in truth an act deliberately orchestrated from ‘go to finish’ by the western powers (esp. the usual culprits of UK, US & France; the self-appointed shared-presidency of the ‘world government’) probably supported or even egged-on by their very anxiously rattled and scared regional allies in the likes of Palestine-Jews and most importantly those just still hanging-on monarchs of Qatar, Saudi, Kuwaiti and the general emirates.

To underline the point, one can state that the west have never failed to appreciate the true magnitude and seriousness of the rise of popular Islamist-Politics across what is the most significant strategic region in the world; from Hamas electoral win, to Tunisia, Morocco and even Libya [with the last we can openly argue that it took some innovative covert ‘electoral fraud’ efforts to making sure the ‘new elected parties’ are pro-western business and interests].

Thus, and without a doubt, the western and regional allies appreciation of the seriousness of these new regional trends can be traced to the equivalent of, that is, the popularity of the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1970s and it’s after-effect across the region and perhaps most importantly beyond in Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

In short, one can confidently argue and state that the Egyptian ”coup” is in reality the first local [and regional] coup de etat [of post-”Arab Spring” events’] secretly orchestrated by the western powers, supported and rallied around by their local regional lackeys made up of ‘just hanging there’ monarchs and the Palestine-Jews, all sharing the fearful memories of Iranian popular revolutions of 1970s and not preparing to stand aside and see a much powerful force [Sunni, being a regional majority] coming to power, with their natural anti-western, anti-monarchism puppetry and pro-Palestinian. Next to be on guard should be Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Hamas and even Muslim Brotherhood groups with visions of power across the region.

The message is simple: ‘we [the west] are coming for you [the initially popularly/democratically elected Islamists Parties and Governments] under cover of ‘new mass/popular revolts’ ‘!


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