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UK Boston Marathon Moment: Is the UK on ”Terror Alert” from Own Secret Government (in protest of austerity measures)?

Whenever I look I see indicators of a ”possible terror attack” in UK, similar to US Boston and France’s Toulouse; in other words, an attack orchestrated/perpetrated, or ”one left to pass through the net’‘, by our own side, in protest of austerity cuts, or some other non-belligerent policies, or in support of more conservative (pro-security and defence) parties or personalities, etc.

In short, is it possible the UK is on ”terror alert” from our own secret elements?

Only time will tell. added 28th May 2013 (time told you so!).

Added: 28th May 2013 1000hrs

You see as one analyst separate oneself away from the dangerous problem of cognitive bias, as a result of being on either the pay of the state or client, and thus be able (such an analyst to) take such an actor or key player (the state) into account in his or her analysis then one tends most of the time to be able to get the clearer picture missed by many ”yes men” analyst (fearful of losing their jobs and positions, or research funds and other perks), that some important and powerful elements (or two in competition) within such an important actor’s own system/side might want to signal a message, or seek a change of policy* (for example see the articles below as the Home Office, with no doubt being pressured and pushed behind doors by security services, has aggressively taken on the ”opportunity” afforded by the act to openly and publicly call for more ”undemocratic” measures; pushing the snooper charter justification etc) or so forth, or merely to relax their ”ever vigilante good work” based on the logic if it always works too well even during cut-backs times then the higher ups, the purse-holders, might not think it is important or essential to re-examine new budgetary requirements proposed or intended to be proposed in such austerity times.

In short, was Woolwich, like Boston (see the post below), UK’s own ‘Greek Tragedy’!

Locally (at regional level) of course you have respective regional ”counter-terror” police fighting austerity measures and cuts by rounding up vulnerable or curious underage/minor Muslims as potential ”terror suspects”, seemingly to send a message ”counter-terror policing” is still relevant etc.

*The Articles referred above:

PressTV – Woolwich case alibi to suppress Muslims
Theresa May lines up new measures to combat terrorism | Politics | guardian.co.uk
UK Home Secretary proposes wider snooping powers in light of Woolwich attack
Theresa May cracks down on universities after claims that alleged Woolwich killers were radicalised at Greenwich University’s Islamic Society
Courts may be privatised to save £1bn
Spy on your neighbours, says former MI5 head Stella Rimington
‘The enemy is everywhere’: Former MI5 head calls for people to spy on their neighbours following murder of soldier Lee Rigby
Boris Johnson attacks Islamist ‘mumbo jumbo’ and says Britain must not allow killers to divide country through ‘war’ myth
Four out of 10 graduates will never be able to afford to pay back their student loans
The Essayification of Everything – NYTimes.com
Grimsby mosque targeted with petrol bombs

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