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Boston Marathon Bombings: Did The Secret Government Waged an Open War of Protest on Americans (and Obama’s Administration)?

Please find my take on the recent US bombings during Boston Marathon on the attachment below.

Be Warned: The paper borders almost on the conspiratorial territories by linking the 1960s ”secret government” elements (i.e. military industrial complex) secret war on the Kennedys, and today’s Open War on the Obamas caused by many frustrations as a result of cuts, retreating from global positioning etc….

The Questions I left out on the attached article are:

[1] Why did the alleged culprits seemed to have behaved largely inconsistent, as at one point observing tradecrafts and another not?

For example before the bombing from the released images we can see the elder brother with a baseball cap worn correctly to shield away prying CCTV and other eyes for facial recognition, while the younger brother fails to do so though wearing the baseball cap as well (though back-flipped) with open visual on facial recognition.

[2] Then we have post-event behaviours when the elder, this time around seemed to be the one failing to observing operational tradecrafts by going straight back to ”home/operational base”, while the younger avoids such an obvious place, but still appears to have had no pre-planned escape contingency for safe house etc.

[3] Then we have the mirror-representation of the culprits to the Burgas bomber (Bulgaria), with alleged links to Iranian-Hizbullah nexus, was this intentional so to easily point the fingers on these actors (with Nuclear Issue hot in the agenda and frustration over the Plan ”via Syria’‘, as way to get to Iran post-Assad fall)!

[4] Finally, we have had the arrest of the young today, but, and here is an important but under-reported point, he was arrested with serious wounds—- will this make it easy to claim ”death while in custody”!

Find the document by clicking here



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