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Demystifying Mighty Drones: Another Generation, Another Self-Congratulatory Over-Hype Over Air-Power

Many have vindicated drones and other robotics, digital or similarly self-automated weapons of war as the future of warfare. The same story, the same hype, and of course, to most of us specialists on the subject of military affairs (unless of course one is on ”retained commission” from arms industries and their lobbying groups) the truth is the story has same end: nothing changes in warfare or anything in life. Weapons comes and Weapons stays, while some are relegated, though not entirely forgotten or chucked-out, as we had seen even most recent with the so-called Afghan Model, with special operatives on assess/Afghan Wild-Horses.

In short, Drones and others (Automated fancies) are nothing new, and a disciplined student of military history and war studies in general will appreciate the fact that in the end war is about humans and their instinctive intelligence and the ingenuity (as it’s by-product).

To fight Drones wars (future wars of digital and other automated systems), look to the past and not the future, the lesson that Clausewitz never ceased to teach (only through military history cases studies and our own experiences can we learn to live with ”new wars”).

The not-sophisticated adversaries will learn well to read on how past guerillas fought against airpower, through camouflage and other disciplines of combat (observing battle silence, IPB; removing enemies traitors and spies, lights-off, hit the ground, deception and misinformation and so forth). While the conventional state armies with limited to moderately well capabilities still have to look to the past as well, from camouflage to conventional tactical air to air combat between operated-drones (the winner will be the master of John Boyd’s circle known as OODA or Boyd Theory of Air-Power).

To sum up, we all have nothing to fear about the future wars or future weapon systems, all our answers for the future lies in the past, and only when we can set out to find these then we will be able to deal with the present and what comes next.


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