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Critical Question: 22nd Century & The Colonization of The West

Title: The Coming Colonization of The West

Law I: The Law of Nature

First comes in the Merchants with their attractive business proposals, offers and seemingly unlimited wealth. After this, or closer and parallel, comes in the diplomats and politicians for those important discussions on mutual trading interests and assurances, and then, of course in time, only one thing remains to follow these two up and close, the huge swarms of armies from the air, sea and land, all coming to protect their vital security and economic interests as promised between these natural ”mutual trading partners” against internal and external threats.


Law II: The Flag Follows The Trade

In the Nineteenth Century the British referred to this phenomenon correctly perhaps as ”The Flag Follows The Trade”. In the Twentieth to the Present [Twenty-First] Century, the Flag continued to follow the Oil and Arms Trade. Can we, analysts and specialist on the field, discern a recognizable trend for the next century today?

Law III: East Colonize West

This quiet strategic analyst of Global Affairs [Politics & Security] believes there are some similarities of patterns taking place, though, and perhaps why we are all missing the pattern, as yet we are still in the very infancy stages of development in what might be termed as the coming Colonization of The West by the East.

The First Phase of Western Colonization: The Merchants

The Eastern Rising Powers, from Re-Engaging Russia to Middle Eastern Ambitious Sultanates, to the Inevitable and Unstoppable Rising Powers of Far East, China especially, we can all not fail to observe the ever growth of the trend of ”Merchant Development Phase” in the west. The bulk of money ”private individuals and parties” or businesses from the East ‘investing’ inside the western states and throughout our fashionable capital cities across, from London, to Geneva, Bern, Milan, Madrid, Nicosia, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles, etc etc; all presented as our western capitalism victory, with absolute blindness and refusal to clear the eyes and look far ahead in the inherent dangers of the trend; the trend to which we, in the west, have practiced so well for so long throughout the world, as we sent in the merchants first, followed closely by the [gunboat] diplomats next and then the [real] big guns.

The trend has grown and accelerated tremendously within few decades, and curiously without an in-depth mention within our media mouthpieces and business or political communities on how most of these foreign investors as individuals and parties or businesses have, or have had, closer links with foreign governments and their secret security services/intelligence communities (as practitioners or agents or mere benefactors of their goodwill). Though few cases have come up, in the US and Huawei, in UK and Russians, and even the ”good Russian émigré defectors” appears more questionable than ”pure”.


Conclusion: Legally Occupied

In short, today, in this twenty-first century, large chunks of strategic western industries and sectors, as well as territories, are legally and contractually owned, co-owned or under consideration for some form of M & A (Merger & Acquisitions) or Further Enterprise Partnership of one kind or another with these Eastern Powers and their ever-growing wealth and representative investors in the west.

The Question is, as observable from past history from the Greco-Roman down to early Pre-Civilizational Era, will all these ‘Investments’ in time, as in the past, lead to one form or another in the colonization of western states? Will the Flag Follow The Trade (this time from the East to West)?

What do you, the readers, think? This author unequivocally believes it will, there is no other way around the ‘natural selection’ of these types in state-relations and growth. The West appears to be undergoing legal occupation in time to be turned into a full blown colonization.

S.S. Salim

Independent Strategic Analyst/Adviser in International Affairs and Security. I am based in UK. Bsc.Econ International Politics and Military History from Aberystwyth University, with a dissertation on Al-Qaeda. MA Terrorism, International Crime & Global Security from Coventry University, with a thesis in Geo-Strategic Behavioral Differences Between The West and East (via the examination of International Wars and security).



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5 thoughts on “Critical Question: 22nd Century & The Colonization of The West

  1. I’d be curious of a list of “large chunks of strategic western industries and sectors, as well as territories,” that actually fall under the criteria you mention. While I find your analysis interesting, I doubt there is any evidence of this, other than wishful thinking.

    Posted by David Navarre | April 4, 2013, 3:33 pm
    • Hi David,

      Well the list is long, from sport clubs, media and entertainment industries (even Al-Jazeera, Qatari new Active Foreign Policy now owns a smaller percentage of US media), energy sector and so forth. But let me not be the one to try and convince you instead take a look at the new recommended reading (a research paper by CSS on front-page entitled ”De-Westernization of Globalization”) posted here to get (and help in the way in giving you) a picture of a slow evolution to a re-volution [somehow in time].


      P.S. I would love to hear further comments post-reading the recommended article (mind you the article needs patience as it is too long but it will entice and fascinate you, and by the time you finish you will be saying ”done already!”).

      Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | April 4, 2013, 5:29 pm
      • Long, but interesting article. I wouldn’t cite al-Jazeera’s purchase of Current TV as evidence of market penetration. Current TV was a failing network of 500 channels available on about 20% of US cable systems. Al-Jazeera English will garner even less viewership (except in the Pentagon and State Department, where it is watched frequently). That said, money talks and the purchase of sectors (other than sports clubs) will influence policy in those countries over time.

        As the Chinese would point out, we are cursed to live in “interesting times”.

        Posted by David Navarre | April 5, 2013, 2:53 pm
      • Hence the essence of my argument based on a long-term strategic analysis of 50-100 years from the development of events at their infancy stage. I was only able to recognize the pattern because of my historical training background, and my interest on colonial behaviourism and politics.

        In other words, every period and generation (or imperial powers, specific great powers, historical ascendancy to such a power) have all seeminlgy gone through similar ”phases or stages”– first comes the ”independent investors”, individuals or corporations, then comes their ”national representatives”, the diploamts and home-based politicians, to champion their deals, so to make it more attractive etc, and finally when there is much at stake and seemingly a sort of disagreement is in the pipelines (this is when, from greco-roman times to enlightment imperial competitors of Britain, France etc, the local/natives began to realise they no longer really ”rule or own their own countries” and try hard to reverse the terms, when already it is too late), hence comes in the marines, air forces, and navies to settle new terms at gun point.

        This is my great warning, would I be vindicated, only time will tell and probably long after I am gone from this world!

        Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | April 5, 2013, 3:44 pm
      • Hi David,

        I forgot to mention one final point in regards to the ”Al-Jazeera 20 per cent” (is a ”mere 20 per cent”, a drop in the big ocean of US Media and Entertaintment industry), as you correctly (and gravely) pointed out, gravely because, that is how it starts with ‘apathetic brush off’ it is nothing, and then as the cliche goes, once in [with a foot] all is possible now.

        See the point?

        It is the standard slow evolution, or ”creep”, a drop today, a drop tomorrow, and then suddenly it is equal to oceanic mass!

        Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | April 7, 2013, 10:42 am

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