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In Response to Messr. Charles Emmerson’s FP Article ”Eve of Disaster”

Recently, the American Foreign Policy Magazine [FP Online Edition] published an article written by Messr. Charles Emmerson of Chatham House [UK] on the ”similarities” of 2013 global character and those of the 1913. The entire discussion/article seems to be based on forced ”similarities” between these two-periods, based on observations of 1913 global politics and economics, in comparison to the contemporary 2013 equivalence of great powers competitive geopolitics, economic maneuverings, disruptive new technologies and the shift of global leadership in favour of China away from the United states, as it was at the time, 1913 of Britain to US.

In short, Messr. Emmerson’s argument is completely flawed as it is mainly based on forced premises which even himself seems to recognize as not very distinct. The reality is 2013 actually resembles 1933 (see my short paper welcome to 1933 PDF or as a published article via Iranian’s PressTV on 2nd January 2013; in terms of PressTV article, a reader needs to be forewarned of some ”anti-imperialism” re-editing that took place, made by PressTV).

If Messr. Emmerson or anyone else from FP team or independent individuals need to have a further debate, due perhaps to disagreements or agreements, you can email me via this address, spadoffice@aol.com.



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