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Vlad [mir Putin] The Great: The Western Nightmare, The World & Russian Saviour!

Vilification of Messr. Vladimir Putin, The President of Russia, by Western media, politicians and interested-parties is the normalcy of the contemporary western discourse on Russia. However to this commentator the opposite is the truth: Putin is a great man, with a great ambition for his country, and great responsibilities not just for Russia but for the entire world.

When Putin first came into the political scene of Russia, this commentator was a mere freshed-faced naive student of international politics and security, however even then the intuitive-instinct, of a good man or bad, kicked right at the time as I heard and saw the ”inner determination” recognizable in the face of the man, the determination to save and elevate Russia out of it’s seemingly ‘disgraceful’ position. Truly, Russia is the only state in the world that can define and redefine great geopolitical seismic shifts, hence Mackinder was right in this aspect when he noted that the area was a critical battlefield, a hinterland, and however controls it will truly control the entire world. The Romans, The British, the French, and the Germans, and the present the Americans, had all failed to completely subjugate and thus to truly command the world, to use Mackinder’s statement, because of one simple fact: Russia, or the Hinterland, has never fallen completely into their mercy. The Hinterland as always retained it’s proud and defiant identity, commanded by no one and always autonomous to pursue own policies. One might not be wrong to claim that only Russia has stood against global tyrants and imperialists with benefit for the rest of the world, the enslaved and the partially free: maintaining the psychology of resistance and true freedom.


Messr. Putin is correct in bringing back Russia into a tight-control leadership. Russia, like any other non-western states, is not a democracy, whatever the term must mean, an invention of western ‘hot-air’; in the west, UK and US, we have [a] secret courts, [b] the persecution of own citizens, esp. today the Muslims residents and citizens, [c] unlawful extraditions and rendition (kidnapping and extraditing own citizens for torture in other brutal countries], [d] own ”oligarchies”, Mafias (and they call Russia a ”Mafia State”), run by families traceable to dynastic eras, [e] police and politicians corruption, [f] non-independent media (even when these constantly shout ”we are independent”, please!), [g] unwatched and free to do whatever they wish, that above laws, security services/intelligence and secret police, [h] the clashing of interests between all sectors of ruling classes, corporations, politicians, media, security, [i] ”freedom of internet” is a lie, CISPA, SOPA, CEPA, [j] communities blanketed by surveillance and so forth, a list is too long. In short, democracy is a hollow-concept, A BIG LIE, used on average lay-persons with all these ‘dazzling” words of ”freedom”, ”liberty”, and so forth, to m,ask the truth of an oligarchy in power.


Russia though it is not a democracy, whatever the terms should mean, it is a perfect model of democracy, however only manageable when under a strong and centralized leadership, minus Soviet-era issues. Messr. Putin is a great man, leader and Russian patriot. The hope of Russia, lies with him, as well as the hope of the entire world again lies with Russia, and him, as the logic goes. The West are again at war with Russia, externally, across the Middle East, African battlegrounds, Asia, and South Americas, and internally, creating, supporting and directing shadowy forces to undermine the authority of a leader feared simply because of what he can do for Russia and for the world, contrary to western interests. This commentator is a strong pro-Putin supporter, as long as the leader keeps away from Soviet-era leadership posture and characteristics, and as such should focus more on internal investment on human capital, education, social welfare, business growth, living standards rises and so forth: Keep the people happy, the secret of western oligarchies!


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