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Rome Is Falling: Links to Great Articles on The ‘America In Decline Series’

Here is a selection of great reading links to some of the partially brilliant analyses on the contemporary United States, looked at home and abroad, but perhaps the most important reading-article, highly recommended, is this from Power and Policy blog at Harvard School, why America is her own enemy (”I looked at the enemy, and it was me!”).


Divided States of America Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation
Destroyed by Total Capitalism: America Has Already Lost Tuesday’s Election
Americans Don’t Want The Truth In US Election, He Who Lies Wins
The GOP Must Choose: Rush Limbaugh or Minority Voters
The ballot machine that lets you vote for anyone… as long as it’s NOT Obama (and now it’s been removed from voting booths)
US voting far from ideal – experts — RT
A Second Chance on Human Rights – NYTimes.com
Senator: CISPA creates a Cyber Industrial Complex
How the United States Can Maintain Its Global Edge
THE ROOT | Erasing Jim Crow not easy in Ala.
Photo Gallery: US Election Statistics as Fast Food
Fast Food Statistics US Election Illustrated with Hamburgers and Fries
Obama’s Success
Portrait of an unbuttoned Prime Minister: It looks as though Cameron is prepared to give the banks the shirt off his back as he launches defence of finance industry | Mail Online
19 States want to secede from America
The Awakening – By J.M. Berger | Foreign Policy
The Reverse Gender Gap by John Cassidy



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