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Heywood Was An MI6 Source; US Elections & Global Position & On Mali (Why Not To Intervene?)

On this article I will tackle three headlines; Heywood and MI6, US Elections and what i means for US global power, and finally, the ill advised intervention in Mali,

[1] Why I have been finally Vindicated, as one of the first to argue that Mr. Heywood was an MI6 Operative.

This is of course visible to any intelligence-knowledgeable person, that specialist etc, in understanding the opportunity Mr. Heywood presented to his country’s security services as a result of his travels in China and close relations to a powerful family (with probability orchestrated by British Security Services). See these links from WSJ and Daily Telegraph as reported today, and these two as reported here before; here and here.


[2] The US Elections 2012: What It Really Means?

The US elections means one simple truth. It means that if the Republicans are elected into power they will usher a rapid decline of the American Power in the global affairs; and if the Democrats are elected, it means the Americans have wisely chosen a party that will oversees a gradual and probably responsible decline of the American power and Influence in the world. In short, whatever choice Americans made today and coming days they are electing a management board that will oversee the end of it’s power abroad;

the choice is—> should it be, i.e. American decline, ushered willy-nilly and irresponsible (republicans) by more aggressive foreign policies, or more responsible (democrats) by watered-down American Exceptionalism in foreign policy?


[3] Mali: Not Advisable Intervention

The More I take a deeper look at Mali and critical study it’s various ”Islamists” groups, or threats, the more I realize that these are generally economic-based with zero political-social agenda or abilities, in other words, they are in for the money (not even power). They are what Mao might refer to, correctly, as Roaming-Bandits. They use ”Al-Qaeda Franchise” for their own economic goals, now this is why there should be no intervention but talks to end the deadlock and come to FINANCIAL terms. Because if the west and their African parties decide to intervene militarily they will transform these groups (initially banditry in character) and their end-goals (financial) into a truly Al-Qaida offshoot with an actual pan-Militant Islamic goal. Where are the level-headed heads?





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