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The Most Dangerous Blowback: How The Muslims came to OPENLY Embrace with A Sense Of Pride The Contemporary Mujahidins (Al-Qai’da & Affiliates)

The most serious and critical, perhaps the lesser covered aspect or merely unappreciated as yet, of the present Islamic blow-back, is the loss of [a] ”hearts and minds” of Muslims and [b] previous effectiveness power of the ”fear-tactics” based on constant surveillance and arrests by the western states at home and abroad of the Muslims. The Muslims of the world seem more open today in their ‘pride’ and passive support of the Mujahidins than any other time, as in the past years, to be specific between the post-9/11 2001 and the sudden rise of Islamophobism to 2010 the acts of the west towards the Muslims seemed to have had the desired level of effectiveness in a sort of putting a scare in many Muslims towards any open support or of ‘sympathy’ with their fighting ”brothers and sisters”, but today, especially on the heels of over-extended siege, discrimination and other mistreatments (drones, secret courts, stop and searches etc) Muslims across the world, and within the ”belly of the beasts” (the western states) appear no longer fearful and ready to raise two middle-fingers high and the black flag (of resistance: a symbol equivalent of the red Marxists-inspired resistance movements and ideals of Cold War and Decolonization periods) higher still.

To sum up, the blow-back is militarily, economically, culturally and perhaps most serious of all, recognizable to student of [small] wars, is the political-blowback in the the loss of credibility of the western and it’s local supported regimes and the ever growing admiration and support of the insurgency/resistance (Al-Qai’da and Affiliates): This is why, to this author, Al-Qai’da is the victor in the ‘GWOT’ since day one (as the west legitimized the group as a resistance rather than criminal, as the latter should have the correct approach). Al-Qai’da was never a pariah among it’s people/fish, the Muslims, whatever our western leaders and media tell us, or even the Muslims who claim so (secretly these harbour admiration of same general level) the only thing was at the time, as argued here, the support was through ‘secret prays and well-wishing’ or funds (Qurbanis etc) and so forth, today the transition moved to open affiliation (of ”We [Muslims] are all A-Qai’da” reminiscient of the French headline post-9/11, we are all Americans) and today an actual open support, visible and growing.


To The Point:

The West Has Lost The War, Let Us Not Pretend Anywiser, Its Time To Fall-Back and Engage With The Once Enemy as A Legitimate Political Representative of Their People, or Face Further Uneccesary Losses in Manpower and Funds and Western Position Across the World, Which Will Be Naturally Hit Hard Through Over-Extension of Resources and Capabilities, as Well as Moral Platforms!



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