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A Perfect Blowback: How The West Failed to Learn from so-called ”Afghan Model[s]”

Blowback is a theory that is based on the logic that a party might instigate something which later comes back and bite such a party’s own kabus, with own resources and training. Anyway, the theory took of from Chalmers writings describing the western support of Afghanis/Talibanis during their 1970s-80s wars with the Soviet Union and the post-conflict refocus towards the old sponsors of the west. The theory of course can be traced further down the history of wars and conflicts, and to more recent the Afghan Model [I and II] to Cold War great power’s limited/covert wars behaviourism.

Afghan I is thus the war against the Soviet when covert operations were conducted in support of the local Afghan resistance forces made up of all sort of characters, similar to today’s ”Arab Spring”, of Islamists, Marxist Revolutionaries, ”Democrats” etc. Afghan II was a transformed version of One, where the special forces worked openly and closely in co-ordination with the local Afghan National Army, as these were called (that any force that mirrors western interests), as today’s ”Free Arab Armies”: ”putting a close-leash on who they sponsor, apparently”: who has this worked, eh?

In short, the great ”Arab illusionary Spring” is slowly transitioning into the ‘great bloody civil war” internally with the Islamists on the one side and western-legitimized ”National Transitional Governments” muppets on the other hand, and in between are the trio western (axis of evils: read the dissertation, made up of US, UK and France) players caught in the quagmire and cross-fire.

For further analysis see the two posts below from yesterday.

Today’s embassies attacks updates: Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, and other as yet non-verified countries. The events are rolling, even the western/American administration were forced to attempt to cool it by ”identifying” the culprit of the documentary as ”not a jew” but a ”coptic convert”, all idiots by this story: intended to cool-off a jewish backlash and ‘anti-zionists conspiracists’.






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