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Arab Spring: No, It’s An Islamic Spring/Revolution As Always Stated (Libya, Egypt etc)

In Syria, the hated western trios of US, UK and France are again repeating the Libyan Scenario, which has been till this week events, such as the death of US ambassador in Libya and the Sacking of US Egypt’s Embassy been portrayed on the simple level of Manichean Good (”rebels”) V Evil (anti-western ”tyrants”), for an excellent reading see The Independent article by Patrick Colburn here .
As for the few of us with intimate regional cultural-religious intelligence understanding and knowledge were reduced to labels of traitors, pro-tyrants, anti-democrats or western etc, but we never ceased to tell it as it is even when the ”revolutions” across the Arab-Islamic world was apparently ”successfully” hijacked by western powers through the emplacement of pro-western leadership and parties, even the Muslim Brotherhood had to acquiesce in replacing the more anti-western old guards of the party leadership, e.g. Fatah, for more ”moderate” Morsi, or Libya and ”free elections” of Liberal pro-western puppets from transitional government. In short, it’s a new world where people, in all parts of the world, old colonies and new rising powers to guerrillas and resistance groups (or what we refer to as ”terrorists”) believe truly that they now have a greater chance of successfully taking on the west against the few remaining odds of military advantages.

In sum, the west can control the elites and institutions but never the passion of the people, Machiavelli readings will give the reader a further understanding on the significance of this complex equation since as long as one does not have the command of the people via either fear or admiration, then he or she has really no power or control, fully, over them even when completely supported by the local elites.


Syria will be a bombshell, already it has proven to be so, as I stated here previously see Syria sub-section. The real centre of Islamism revival and roots (rebirth/renaissance) with majority of fighting Islamic groups composed of Syrian leadership. To finish off, the west are actually hastening their own whimpering downfall, they will [a] be either elbowed out by local regional rising powers, so-called partners and close allies, or [b] they will be violently resisted, whatever way, Iraq War 2003, Afghanistan and Arab Springs, all have contributed and have laid the foundation of an end of an era, a long era, a truly systemic revolution, where middle east will suffer anarchism between local traditional rivalries on religious and cultural lines, and will in the end be either dominated by new rising external powers or the last standing victor on such a contest, but never the west.


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