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New Age of Women Exploitation: How Non-Western Women Are Being Used As Tools Of Western Foreign Policy

History is full of ”heroic” women in the line of fire and in the game of high politics and security affairs from Cassandra and Helen of Athens to Dido of Carthage, to Mata-Hari, SOE women and so forth. Today, the women of ”third world”, apparently, that to the western version– chained and beaten every day are ”empowered and liberated” by being trained as new breed of socio-political agitators from ”Arab-crap-Spring” to ”Pussy Riots”, the West is recruiting and training local natives women to agitate against their countries’ governments, and of course, in the end, the lessons are ‘tushs’ (no, I am not an anti-feminists, I am a full member of women rights groups, very proud of my ‘feminism’, yes you read it correct!) is in the end your sponsors will leave you to your new wolves, probably with your supporters full support: welcome to the world of real intrigue, sweetheart (you want excitement, or ‘to be paid’, know the realities).

The Muslim world have not, and will never seemingly forgive the ‘young females’ who have been at the forefront of agitation, being allover twitter and other social media, tv etc. Nor does it seem the fighters groups (Jihadists etc) have any different sentiments, these are already warning the women not to be played by ”kuffars”. Even the ”moderate Islamists” like MB are gunning for laws to ”put women into their places”. Then Russia and across the world, Africa (Togo and ‘withholding sex’, ha).

Anyway, the point is, the west are again exploiting women’s power for their own ends, and these women should rethink whatever incentive, short-term of course, that seems to be lying ahead, as in the long-term they will be the one thrown to the wolves’ lairs.



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