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Breaking News: US attacked in Libya (Just Like I predicted: Reaping The Seeds We Sow), Now The Question is Where Next (Egypt, Yes/Mali, Yes…)?

News: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jun/06/us-embassy-attack-libya

I predicted this long long time ago. The west never seem able to learn the truth about ‘Arabia’, it is ‘Infidel-Hating’ to the bone, and the only people who seems able to suppress this hate are the vile ‘dictators’, since ‘the buck stop with them’ (if a group attack the west, they know they will get it, and threatened with their power-position etc). You ”let” the people loose (democracy-my-ass) you make sure you get ready to be holed-up in embassies or a thousands mile away in Washington or London, or Paris etc.

Anyway, the west sow the seeds, now these are harvesting, and soon will be ripe—-Arab Spring is Political equivalence (and my argument is a by-product) of Mujaheedins fighting in the Mountains and so forth—all fighting their new wars of Great Islamic Liberation the loser is the west from the moment ‘set’ was shouted out (is like being in the 100m line-up against Usain Bolt, you know you have a guarantee assurance you will loss, and still keep at it for vanity and hope).

Where next? Is the great question, not Is it a Trend?

Egypt, already elements in observations, assault on Western-NGOs, subjects etc.

Tunisia, Nothing happens there!

Morocco, Hahaha! (seriously, there are few countries feminine like her)

Bahrain, Bye Bye Naval Bases (if ‘democracy’ happens)

Oman, little silent shadow of explosion…..watch the space.

Jordan, oh dear…..the US SS Palestine will be done…..

Saudi….oh well, we all know the nightmare to come.

Syria and Iran…….. might as well sit down drown our insanity with a bottle of strong tequila, rum, brandy (cocktail) and play roulette with a shotgun—in other words, no strategic win, but the gravest strategic losses of all time (hence, Al-Qai’da are even championing for ”regime change”, they are not stupid, their aim from the beginning was to sow mistrust, chaos and to take the opportunity of both, working well so far—the west occupies itself with ‘kill lists’, operational denial and military actions, the ‘stupid’ fighters are diminishing western image with the people and feeding the fishes to multiple and to side with them without enticement—brilliant).

Well, good luck to all sides.

By the way here is my little observation: India is a ‘natural’ colony as well as Japan, Why? Because the corrupt elite of India, with their social-engineering of five-caste (thinking little of others) will sell their ‘country and people’ to any highest bidder for own power (scientific fact, my recent founded theory). As for Japan, her culture of obedience to the ‘master of the sword’, (equivalent of pirates, if you kill a pirate king, apparently, you become one without any question), China once commanded such a position before Japanese ruling caste defied her (and rules to date), and after WWII US has Japan’s new masters since MacArthur Rule.

I will develop it further for you all in future. Cheerio.

Usual headlines selections (few):

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A bounty for burkas: Belgian right-wingers offer 250 euros to anyone who reports veiled woman to police
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30,000 secret surveillance orders demanded annually to spy on AmericansEven without CISPA on the books, the federal government can still use antiquated legislation to leer into the personal communications of Americans. One judge, in fact, says that thousands are approved each year. 2
Occupy Wall Street to rubber stamp money with anti-corporate slogans
CIA director beat up his deputy in front of Obama
Did America’s Cyber Attack on Iran Make Us More Vulnerable?
Cable faces ‘traitor’ jibes after talks with Labour over possible alliance after the next General Election | Mail Online


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