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Ethos II: Finally The Bankers Have It, The Dream To Dominate In Entirety Europe (with a planned Federal European Banking System)

So, as stated, it appears that the banking powers are finally ready to further consolidate their greedy-nasty-tentacles into Europe with the plans for setting up an European equivalent of US Federal Bank, and probably to be ran by European-Goldman Sachs, and dominated by consortium of other powerful banks/Frankfurt Group, as Goldman has already set out it’s tentacles to the political power seats of every European economic-powerhouses states, from Greece, to Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, France and at Strasbourg: see this link with an excellent article from The Guardian (UK): https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/11/18/a-must-watch-read-uk-policing-state-goldman-isation-of-eu/).

These are today’s headlines on a such planned federal European Banking System:

Germany weighs up federal Europe plan to end crisis
Germany Pushes EU Bank Oversight
Europe weighs a more perfect economic union
and the usual further headlines selection for you all:
Argentina Says It Will Sue Falklands Oil Companies
Sargent: Is the GOP sabotaging the economy?
The Class of 2012
Troops retake Tripoli airport after rival militia clashes
CIA Prepares Iraq Pullback
Vince Cable: Seeking ‘common ground’ with Labour
U.S. General in South Korea Replaced
Crisis Pushes Down Returns Big Investors Don’t Know Where to Put Their Cash
Vatileaks Scandal Documents Expose Pope’s Frail Leadership



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