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My New Research Paper: On ‘New Terrorism’

Please find it here, and enjoy.


Usual Selection of Headlines:

Americans beg Obama: Please, don’t kill us with dronesGrace Bedell thought it could clinch the election when she suggested to Abraham Lincoln that he grow a beard. Now a century and a half later, Americans are asking their president to consider an updated proposal: Mr. Obama, please don’t kill us. 3
World stock markets plunge as global crisis deepens
Al Qaeda Tied to Nigeria Death
Rape Case, in Public, Cites Abuse by Armed Groups in Afghanistan
Fund managers eye pummeled Facebook stock
UK protesters face long imprisonments
Chicago cops threaten to revoke First Amendment rights from journalists
A Revolution in Images How Insect-Eyed Cameras Could Change Our Lives
‘They’re robbing us’: 12-year-old exposes Canada’s banking flaws, goes viral — RT
Bilderbergers commit a felony? International lawmakers and other world figureheads are deep in discussion near Washington, DC this week at the 2012 Bilderberg Conference. But are members of the exclusive group breaking US law while meeting off the record? 2
Victory for Intolerance How Islamophobes Launched a National Debate
Where in the world are dividends good?
How the United States Can Rise Again
The World from Berlin ‘Gauck Was Not Conducive to a Peaceful Solution’
Cocaine trade benefits western banks
Mapping Africa’s forgotten glaciers
Senior Lib Dems in secret talks with Labour
BBC bodyguard admits to burning body of tsunami baby left on HQ doorstep because it posed a risk to his reporting team… likening it to a ‘blocked toilet’
Now Tory chairman Baroness Warsi faces questions over Saudi trips funded by the nation’s government
Migrant hunting on the Yemen-Saudi border
‘Armed groups raped women in Houla’
Clinton in Arctic: Promenade with profit in mind
A run for her money: Saudi princess flees from $7 million hotel bill
Iran has good reason to think Obama is inherently untrustworthy
The Cannibal’s Dilemmaby Dana Goodyear
Black Boxby Jennifer Egan
Behind the heist of the century
The Folly of For-Profit War
Saudi Princess ‘does a £5m runner from five star Paris hotel’: Police called after she does midnight flit with her entourage of SIXTY
Intrigue in Karzai Family Clouds Fate of Afghanistan
Somali soldiers train for urban combat in rural Uganda
The Lies That Inflated the Housing Bubble
Bolivia could nationalize all natural resources – Morales
Militiamen surround Tripoli airport

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