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Contemporary Africans & Middle Easterners Tacitly Helping in Erecting New Colonialism Foundations For Their Nations & People

The point of this brief article is this: The Greater Africa and Middle East are both slowly recreating, with eager helping hand, new colonial foundations for their respective regions, nations and people, while South America & Asia is no longer susceptible to ‘colonial creep’.

What is colonialism? Is the domination with tacit acceptance of the dominated, and always based on the command [by the colonists] of the local political elites [the backbone of the new colonial bureaucracy, that the administrating classes of the colonies]; the Jalili of Libya, Morsi/Shafiq of Egypt, The whoever ends up to be of Syria, Tunisia, etc.

In Middle East, the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, in particularly, the self-proclaimed armed groups of ‘revolutionaries’ are removing their own kind [dictators] for old-new colonists [the west], with tacit approval from these ‘idiots’, and the powerless, [wow, the powerless masses when they outnumbered the colonists and their administrators: reminds one of old colonial practices, where for example, India a country a size of western Europe was commanded by a handful of white-men from Britain of less than 12’000 with an army of local ‘idiots’, I mean administrators).

In Africa, across the continent one state is pitted against another, or set out to undertake their new colonists’ tasks, for examples Kenyans, Burundian, Rwandans and other fighting ‘not their wars’ in Somalia, and now suffering their own internal insecurities (with recent spates of bombings in these states). In Uganda, over 100 US Rangers are commanding elements of Ugandan Army chasing after the Rebels. In Congo, French are at work, In Zimbabwe the usual and Brits, in Mali popular elements are slowly facing counter-attacks with foreign elements, etc. All these made possible with private security——-creating demand, for supply!!!!! (and they say capitalism is a fucked-up system??).

Anyway, some selected headlines of interests:

‘I was told Lib Dems would be done over by Murdoch empire’s newspapers if BSkyB bid didn’t go through’ says Vince Cable
Hollande clamps down on fat-cat pay
The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us
Surprise Rise of Mubarak Loyalist
Wasting Time Is New Divide in Digital Era
Map: indigenous people under threat
51 Met racism complaints since April
BAE Systems to axe 600 jobs
Firms handing out plum jobs ‘should reveal where staff went to school’
Security tighter than ever for power players
For the White House, a Wary Wait as Syria Conflict Boils
More killings, ultimatum deepen Syria conflict
UK opera stirs anti-Islam profanity fear
Russia and China are to challenge Boeing and Airbus as world aircraft leaders
Obama vetoed Assad assassination attempt
FBI tracked Assange with the help of LulzSec hackers?
The Fraught Mobile Politics of Amercia [Sic]
Job security in Europe: How confident are you? | World news | guardian.co.uk
British ministers backed Murdoch takeover: inquiry
Trading at Noon: Wall Street slides, Facebook follows
Source of a Superpower Old and New China Meet along the Yellow River
The World from Berlin ‘Only Russia Can Exert Influence on Syria’
Now You Can Track the Tweets Politicians Tried to Delete
The mayor, his deputy and THIRTEEN assistants… how Salford’s new leader has failed to cut the cost of running the city with officers for ‘international relations’ and ‘humanegment’
How to kickstart the UK economy at zero cost to 99% of us
A CIA Insider Dishes on North Korea, Porn, and What Wolfowitz Was Smoking
A megaproject transforms Kenya — but not everyone is thrilled | Transitions
Why Asian-Americans Have the Worst Long-Term Joblessness
Mexican youth protest corporate media
Kosovo Serbs and NATO troops clash in tense north
Russia wary of permanent US military bases in Afghanistan
Vlad Putin, Action Man

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