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Excellent Article From The Foreign Policy On The Disgraced Tony Blair

A Man With No Country – By Alex Massie | Foreign Policy


Usual Selection of Interesting Headlines:

The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us
Wasting Time Is New Divide in Digital Era
Tony Blair’s moral decline and fall is now complete
News International ‘tried to blackmail select committee’
How the Mail revealed the Conservative Party’s closeness to the internet giant
how data was stolen.jpg
NATO Blamed for Afghan Airstrike
Amid oil upheaval, gas price variations remain
Muslims outraged at xenophobic graffiti
Lebanese weapons alarm: Syrian rebels ‘major clients’
Anarchy vs. London Olympics: Radicals prepare war on ‘police state’
Mali’s government rejects north’s independence
The Conservative Defense Revolution – By James Jay Carafano
Kenya capital hit by large explosion
Groupthinkby Jonah Lehrer
Closed inquests dropped from ‘secret justice’ bill
Manhunt underway after Nairobi ‘terrorist’ attack
Libya’s NTC leader says election could be delayed
Probe into fugitive tycoon’s role in May 6 protests begins
US federal court OK’s handcuffing teens at school
Oops, BBC: Iraq photo to illustrate Houla massacre?With the shock of the Houla tragedy ringing across the world, the BBC has released a story with a harrowing picture of rows and rows of children’s bodies awaiting burial… But isn’t that post-Saddam Iraq? 3
FBI assisting investigation into Kenyan blast
Geography all that counts in China rebalancing
Report Warns on Africa Jobs Growth
Shock report: cuts to have a ‘catastrophic’ effect on child poverty
Investors Bet on Facebook Fall
Eastern Europe rising up against politicians on take
A Camaro’s Legacy: Testing the Pack Alpha of Muscle Cars
Iraq offers 12 oil and gas blocks at auction
France calls for ‘dissolution’ of ETA Basque separatists
Why Does the Laziest Country in Europe Work the Most?
Egyptian official grilled over vote claims
Green Veneer WWF Helps Industry More than Environment
Why is Drudge running Robert Mugabe’s spin?
Firms ready to quit £5bn work scheme because they can’t find unemployed jobs
Room for Debate: Has the U.S. Bungled Bahrain?
PressTV – UK police choppers spying on public?
The Vulgar Political Afterlife Of Tony Blair

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