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The Dictator & Sacha Baron Cohen: Telling It As it Is (The Truth about Contemporary Politics, Society and Economics). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Yesterday we watched The Dictator, and I was not disappointed, the general film is the usual Cohenasque satirical silliness, but it is the essence of the story that was interesting. For example;

  1. Cohen’s Main Character:

The Dictator embodied the contemporary Arab Spring targeted-ruling tyrants, with a symbolic focus on Libyan Gaddaffi as presented via Cohen’s women’s entourage of bodyguards (doubling as sex-play-bunnies for his sexual satisfaction, or pervasion, which also plays a reference on Berlusconi shanenigans of bedding-celebrities, as well as the case of Chinese Bo Xilai’s wife/husband sexual intrigues etc), also the former Libyan is represented at the very beginning as Cohen is born in this very hedonistic spoiled world of eroticism and power (the theme to global leadership essence), in reference to Gaddaffi’s children (with Lion cages etc.

The second symbolism is Cohen as Iranian leaders (even though he makes a third-person reference of Ahmedijani), and their desire for Nuclear weapons (”for peace”, and can’t bring himself to even ”lie” as ”for peace” intentions).

Finally his military entourage and himself relations depicts Egypt-Tunisia political elites/rulers and military elites relations, and the power of self-greedy generals who will sell the country and ‘depopulate’ wealthy regions for external corporations to reach the key resources’ (B en Kingsley’s character, the general, selling the country to the highest bidder ‘under guise of democracy’, to Oilmen of Shell, BP, Exxon etc).

There is also Assad/Abdullah of Jordan martial aspects, as married to western women, Cohen married to a American-Jew girl (and wanted her killed for learning this, haha).

2. The Truth of contemporary politics, society and economics well depicted throughout the film, but it is the final speech in front of the ‘honorable witnesses to democratic transitions’ of Wadiya, his fictional state, when he says ‘dictatorship is good’ (the speech might be titled as such)….because

(a) it benefits the country’s ”1%”

(b) benefits big corporations and banking sector, through ”bail-outs” while the rest of the society suffer educationally, economically and health-wise (in reference to TARP, Fannie Macs, AIG and others bail-outs as well as health-care drama, suffering American education system, and the occupy movements”.

(c) the direct attack on the media-collision with government and the governing elites, in  reference to News International of Rupert Murdoch Scandal. This point has seen the entire weight of western top media establishments attacking and undermining the film (giving it low rates etc); for example see this conservative supporting (pro-….) American newspaper, The Washington Times Article; Clapter in the dark: how Sacha Baron Cohen jumped the shark

(d) the state policing, with occupy reference again, as well as asking a passing-by police car, how much for ‘political assassination’ (in reference to police brutality and corruption).

(e) others include why the big firms win over the smaller ones, Green Giants vs. the small greenstores, for example (in reference to Wal-Mart bribery scandal etc), and much further reference.

(f) oh, forgot to mention domestic surveillance, representatives corruption, UN-Western tool, torture from private security contractors etc….

All made apparently to ”teach’ Americans dicatorial perks, rather than ‘knowing’ American have advanced the concept of dictatorialism today, in practice.

I would highly recommend the film, you will be entertained and educated through entertainment.

Enjoy, a fantastic film, the next in similar standards and historical accuracy depicted as comedic is The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg taking on post-Madoff-TARP crisis (watch the facts at the very end: the pay-gap between average workers and executives of almost 300:1….mmmm!

Headlines, as usual:

SPIEGEL Interview with Daniel Kahneman Debunking the Myth of Intuition (Highly Recommended)
FBI secretly creates Internet policeThe FBI was rather public with its recent demands for backdoor access to websites and Internet services across the board, but as the agency awaits those secret surveillance powers, they’re working on their own end to have those e-spy capabilities. 1
Army propagandist admits to smear campaign against journalists
The Miracle Next Door Poland Emerges as a Central European Powerhouse
Clinton to visit Scandinavia, Caucasus, Turkey
IPCC reveals corruption allegations
ONS: recession is worse than thought
Hunt, BSkyB and a damning memo to Mr Cameron: Email reveals PM knew Culture Secretary backed Murdoch bid a month before he gave him control
Hunt urged Cameron to give BSkyB deal green light
Anarchists make rail sabotage claim
Scottish independence has ‘stalled’
Shock 15% rise in suicides since the recession as unemployment and bankruptcy take their toll
America’s newest cause of racial outrage: pizza
Defective Joy Gene Study Finds Germans Incapable of Enjoying Life
Early Egypt Results Put Islamist in Lead
Mohamed Morsi to Face Ahmed Shafik in Egypt’s Presidential Election Runoff – NYTimes.com
Lloyds exec charged with £2m fraud
Independence ‘would boost Scotland’
$10 million a year: the average salary of an American CEO
Bill Clinton caught surrounded by porn stars
How the Global Middle Class Can Save America’s Middle Class
Lib Dem ties to Murdoch revealed
Revealed: Murdoch company recruited staff for Hunt’s firm on eve of BSkyB bid
Cabinet minister Baroness Warsi admits breaking cash rules
Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits
Nasty Like Us
Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don’t want the government spying on you (and they include ‘pork’, ‘cloud’ and ‘Mexico’)
Schoolboy ‘genius’ solves puzzles posed by Sir Isaac Newton that have baffled mathematicians for 350 years
Anarchy: The 325.nostate website used by the FAI
The Great Superterrorism Scare
A puzzle in Latin American politics: Why the left has failed to ignite Mexico
How conservatives lost their way
Slow, steady Mexico lures investors from Brazil
‘Kansas bill anti-Islamic, unconstitutional’
George Galloway’s laptop stolen
This Man Represents Everything Wrong in Washington
Egypt election outlook bleak: Fraud allegations mar pollsPreliminary results of Egypt’s presidential race have left the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate and an ex-military PM set to duke it out in an upcoming run-off vote. But the losing candidates are crying foul amid claims of mass election violations. 2
Next to U.S. firing range, a village of Afghan victims
The World’s 1% of Sports Teams
The New Welfare State: Faster, Cheaper … and Out of Control?

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