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The Syrian Rubicon: The Point of No-Return For The West, and The Disastrous Effect on Regional and Country’s Stability & Peace

The West can accept nothing short of a complete dissolution of existing Syrian Regime under Assad, they have crossed the[ir] point of no return already. What does this mean for the country and the region?

It means, the west will continue supporting and arming the internal and external terrorists no longer a representatives of their own people but under pay and moral legitimacy of the west to overthrow the Assad’s regime by violence. What does this mean? It means, as we have already looked at previously the west have been forced to support [state] terrorism for the first time in the long years of her foreign affairs.

In short, there will no longer be peace in Syria as long as the west believe they have all to lose with old regime still in place (commercial and regional-dominance interests, as well as security, observed in Lebanon-proxy conflict starting up). Thus, it is again for Russians to decided to cross their own rubicon or accept the domination of Syria, and the general near-east by the west, an event that has been absent since colonial age; and of course, with the fall of Syria, Lebanon (Hizbullah) and Iran is next- the final clean up (must be killing the islamic fighting groups seeing their dream for unity under Islam from Morocco to Indonesia etc, replaced by unity under western flag/crusaders from such geographical scope)


Headlines of usual interests:

Police pay-off claim rocks Met
Private eyes ‘paid police for tip–offs’
Counterfeit Chinese goods now threaten US military – Americas – World – The Independent
British energy policy is a dark underworld of fanatics
The only way is Finland
‘Rupert Murdoch DID tell Tony Blair to stop me pursuing phone-hacking claims’, MP Tom Watson tells Leveson Inquiry
Three arrested in Met police corruption inquiry
NDAA 2013: Congress approves domestic deceptive propaganda
Saakashvili ‘runs murder ring, makes death lists’
Agency taps universities for cyber-spy training
‘Misled’ Facebook investors sue
Morgan Stanley to reimburse investors ripped off by Facebook trades… as embattled social network may switch to New York Stock Exchange over bungled IPO
Whaddya want? More, not less, Nato – now!
Why forbid it?
So how many top BBC stars are exploiting tax loophole? Corporation under pressure to reveal who is channeling pay through private companies
Welfare to work ‘fraud scandal’
Secret Service prostitute scandal reveals pattern, senators contend
Mexico’s Zetas rewrite drug war in blood
Regulators investigate bank’s role in Facebook IPO
New York wants to ban anonymous speech onlineLawmakers in New York State are proposing a new legislation that involves the Web, and no, it’s not SOPA-esque or another CISPA-like spy-bill. Politicians in the Empire State want to outlaw anonymous speech on the Internet. 2
Confirmed: Fox News makes people dumb
What’s the Happiest Country in the World?
Sect or Mainstream Movement? The Two Faces of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
Moscow expects Obama to reject new Iran sanctions – Lavrov
U.S. hacks Web sites of al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen
Britain ‘may not be able to afford special relationship with US’
Hillary Clinton boasts of US cyberwar against al-Qaeda

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