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Few Recent Vindications: Facebook Bubble; Iran; Africa; Egypt; Syria; Italy

well here are few listed most recent vindications of my analyses:

1. The Facebook/Social Media IPOs & the New devastating effect on an already fragile and unstable global economy. In other words, if it persists we are all screwed, again!

Facebook’s Bad Day: The End of the Social Media Bubble?

Facebook bubble begins to deflate?

2. Iran and the War that is doing a dangerous balancing act: in other words, the Iranians need to be on their tip-toes there might still be a strike this summer or fall.

[a] the rest US continuing aircraft carriers in the region (indicator of war, 3 carriers)

[b] recent many ‘military drills’ from both sides; now entering special forces phases, iranian in the northern borders of Afghan, US and Arabs allies, and west on the southern borders

[c] the ‘diplomatic ploys’ of ‘business as usual’, ‘cooling phase’ to distort and increase a little stupidity for surprise attack.

3. Africa as the new Asia, or what I said the actual investment paradise

Africa Is the New Asia

4. Egypt and ‘Cosmetic Elections’, how the elections have been fixed for a pro-western candidate either of the two ‘leading’ candidates will do for the west!

5. Finally, Italy and the revival of the European Red-Brigades, started in Germany and now naturally in Italy, with next destination possibly Greece or Spain.

well, few usual headlines:

Strauss-Kahn gang rape investigation launched
NATO Leaders Seal Afghan Exit Plan
Afghan exit leaves NATO with identity crisis
Tanzanian plows fertile ground in pitch for aid
Even after Obama’s promise, lobbyists still run the White House
Yemen vows ‘war on terror’ as al-Qaeda claims blast
Rifts widen in Syrian opposition
Political Revolution in Germany: Pirates Country’s Third Strongest Party in New Poll
Episode 10 Bp: In Deep Water27/05/2011 (excellent dispatches documentary from  channel 4 UK on BP)
New Challenges to Voting Rightsby Jeffrey Toobin




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