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Dotcom 2.0: The Next Big Internet-Induced Financial Crush (with headlines)

There is one thing that comes out in bigger-picture every time I watch the news or trend-observation on the general and specific shifts, and happenings across the globe, in areas of finances, banking, security etc, the more frequent nowadays is the new IPOs from social media, Facebook ”valued” at $100 billion I can assure readers one thing, pinterests at a billion, etc.

What this means is simply this, dotcom 2.0 bubble is just around the corner, perhaps within a decade at most, that between now and 2020 there will, definitely, be another big internet-induced (not banking, directly at least) crush.

Good Luck to Investors.

Anyway usual headlines selections, few today:

Mexican arrests ‘drug generals’
New ‘National Service’ for 120,000 teenagers
‘Please deport me, there’s no work in Britain’
Census: Minority babies are now majority in U.S.
U.S. Hits a Demographic Milestone
Insight: Swing states: Could Europe decide the U.S. election?
Hope for brain-damaged troops, athletes
U.S. advisers train troops for Somalia
U.S. sends warning to Saleh backers in Yemen
U.S. Warns Against Yemen Disruptions
US Nuclear Weapons Upgrades Experts Report Massive Cost Increase
A developing world of debt
Brotherhood candidate an underdog as political winds shift in Egypt
Assad: Syria is fighting foreign mercenaries
We can’t win media war with West but it’s not battle that counts – Assad
Seize the ceasefire: Syrian rebels bask in new guns — RT
‘Al-Qaeda manipulated the US into putting sanctions on Yemen’

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