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The How To Defeat Al-Qaeda Take 2: Sow The Seed of Internal/External Mistrust, Divisions & Absent Enthusiasm of Support (and Recommendation for a Change in Strategy)

The road was set with;

”LEAKS ONE”: when The New York Times started publishing ”Osama Intimate Letters’ through a ‘well-respected’ commentator on National Security Messr. Ignatieff.

”LEAKS TWO”: Video-tapes from family libraries, during the ‘claimed raid’.

”LEAKS THREE”: the stories of New York Four ‘agreed to testify on secrets in workings of the group’, as well as apparent hunting down by Somalia Group, Al-Shabab of their own close ‘western fighter’, the American Propagandist (see leak four below for the why?).

”LEAKS FOUR”: the deliberate recent ”leaks” about British informant, ‘traveling with western documents’, every details written or leaked is well-orchestrated and designed to sow the seeds of mistrust, divisions and to ‘discourage’ the new enthusiastic western-born Moslems from going into Jihad in Yemen or Somalia, or whatever.

In short, the west, with the recent new ‘change of approach’ that emphasizing more ‘psychological operations’ rather than ‘combat operations’ shows that it has finally accepted that the Moslem jihad fighters and groups can not be defeated militarily, and that it begins to slowly recognizing what I have been saying ”it is the beginning of the movements and their wars, and not the so-proclaimed victories written about everywhere. The war has only started. It is still young, in its 12-15 years. It is a protracted war, and it is here to stay”. The present stage is ‘strategic defensive’, and going into ‘strategic stalemate’ at the present with the tacit acceptance on the ineffectiveness of western military force and strategy against these fighting groups.

The groups will continue to fight within their home-regions, however, as long as the west continue to get pulled in into these regions they might continue to reciprocate with the usual rare ‘out-of-areas’ attacks in the west.

In sum, the Jihadi Strategy is, in truth, the winning strategy at the present;

1: Pulling the west deeper into the region, to sustain the fight and divided the opinions

2: Playing with time, the most precious asset/value in protracted warfare

3: Gaining more ‘popular support’, even in the face of dynamics efforts to counter-propaganda from the west

4: inspiring (the Al-Qaeda) ”FIRST OBJECTIVE” (to inspire, hence their magazine with a similar name), is working like a charm

5: and the west are making all the wrong moves

This commentator, through objectivity studies, simply says this, come what may the west will never win the war, of either the hearts and minds or even in battlefields across the world, and the Moslems will be the final winning side, so it is time to completely change it’s strategic thinking and behavior towards the present conflict.


The West should start a slow pull-back, there is no shame to retreat (the shame is to suffer delusion and ego that lead to complete destruction, or weakening).

Start moving away from Islamic World politics and societal affairs. Let them and their public sees the west taking a ‘side-lined non-participatory’ role, as a passive observer who will work with whoever come out standing in the final battle.

The more the west gets involved the more the war grows, and the greater the west losses, at strategic level of losses, which benefits their mutual global competitors, by weakening their internal and external positioning, as resources and key assets are depleted.

In short, DO NOT ENGAGE. WAIT OUT THE WAR.and then maneuver to secure relations.

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