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Syria: Western-States-Sponsored-Terrorism? (YES–Indicators)

Has the final desperation to topple Assad led to the point in the return of ”open/visible” western state-sponsored terrorism on another state? All the evidence does show this to be the fact—-examine the targets; the ‘access’ to the target and materials; the old favored western tactics (effect-based ops, aim at the ‘brains’, the decision and command centers) and many more (will not be reiterated here).

in short, all the indicators point the finger to western supported terrorism, and not ‘local jihadists’, from Iraq, Syria itself, Lebanon etc.


Anyway, a long list of headlines readings (enjoy):


UN: give Native American land back
Cameron’s secret summit with News Corp
Police ‘in denial’ over rise in racism complaints
Speaker accused of abusing his position as travel body hands Sally Bercow £2,000 Barbados freebie… six months after he threw cocktail party for bosses in Commons flat
We’ve got too many Oxbridge staff at the BBC, says Corporation boss – from Oxford
Gravy train: According to bank statements members of the Arts Council have been living it up using the public purse
Bottles and fireworks thrown as police struggle to contain 3,000 English Defence League supporters in Luton
U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan, citing threat risk
Pentagon report: Defense Dept. whistleblowers endured reprisals
‘Arab states sabotage Syria peace plan’
‘Kenyan forces abused Somali refugees’
Media, politicians fuel anti-Islamic sentiments in UK
Fastest growing religion in America is Islam
‘US spying on Occupy movement’
Facebook Backdoor Interception: FBI wants P2P and social media wiretap-friendlyThe US is preparing to face FBI-drafted legislation enabling it to monitor any personal communication activities in the web. It aims to use preset backdoors in social networks, online messaging, internet telephony and even Xbox gaming servers. 3
Lessons of Iraq Help U.S. Fight a Drug War in Honduras
Three Key ElectionsSuper Sunday Poses Multiple Threats to Merkel
Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?
We’re Spent: Why the U.S. Is in Danger of Losing…
Armenia’s ruling parties set to keep grip on power
François Hollande wins French election and Greek voters deliver vote of no confidence to austerity measures – live news and reaction
Will PM pay for snub to winner? David Cameron backed Sarkozy even as tide turned against him
Cameron’s fears that his highly personal text messages to and from Rebekah Brooks will be made public this week
Fresh chaos in Greece as no political party wins enough votes to form a government
Tories veer right in poll collapse panic
Peter Popham: Rise of far right threatens to pollute politics across Europe
Arab Spring has covered up the region’s appalling racism
European voters deal blow to spending cuts
Republicans target social cuts to shield military
Is democracy still up to the job? – The Washington Post
Tories think they are born to rule, says Clegg deputy
From heaven to Hull: Family kicked out of Bermuda after 20 years as UK overseas territory clamps down on immigrants from Britain
Warning over ‘busybodies’ given legal right to fine and demand information as numbers surge
New French leader fires a broadside at Britain: You only care about the City, says Hollande
‘I love life too much to be bitter’: Sarkozy confirms he will quit politics for good and says he wants people to ‘leave me alone’
Bahraini police attack protesters
The ‘not rocket science diet’… Eat less fat, do more exercise and you’ll lose weight
Pilotless planes project begins test flights over Irish Sea | Business | guardian.co.uk
Greece in chaos: Fears country could fall into hands of Neo-Nazi or left-wing extremists after attempts to form government collapse
From pencils to Porsches, Germany has a passion for perfection
AMC Said to Be Talking to Chinese Buyer
Surveillance State democracy
‘UK covered up 1948 Malaya massacre’
‘US forces intentionally killing Afghans’
UK PM could face vote of no confidence
Georgia opens a prison for veterans
Panetta welcomes Chinese general at Pentagon – Washington Times
Success in Colombia shifts drug war to Peru
Al Qaeda surprise attack kills 22 Yemeni soldiers
Lib Dems ‘want to pull out of Coalition’ to avoid poll wipe-out
Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood rise from the ashes
Omens for Obama in Europe’s votes, as recovery, reelection face threat
PM ‘texted Brooks before she quit NI’
Osborne’s growth policy is turning British cities into Detroit UK
Armed air marshals on UK planes: A secret guard for thousands flying to U.S. after Al Qaeda alert
‘So much I want to do, but can’t’: On the day of the big relaunch, Cameron tells Mail how Lib Dems are holding him back
Border Patrol adapting to new threats
Slim seeks to expand empire into ailing Europe
Deadly clashes break out near Libyan PM’s office
Saudi protesters stage anti-regime rally
Kalashnikov maker Izhmash plans new assault
Navy drops Somalia piracy patrol
Bomb plotter ‘worked for CIA’
‘If you complain about racism, your career is finished’
Cameron ‘sent supportive text to Brooks’
Informant helped CIA foil al-Qaeda aircraft plot
Coulson ‘probably’ at secret meetings
FBI urges surveillance renewal
Details of everyone’s email, Facebook, text and internet use will be stored under snoopers’ charter
FBI chief urges restoration of searches without warrants
Britain beefs up Olympics security like it’s going to war
S. Africa has opportunity for nuclear entrepreneurs
Domestic Droneswith Nick Paumgarten
The Disconnectby Nathan Heller
Annan Raises Fear of Syria Civil War
In foiled bomb plot, al-Qaeda affiliate took bait dangled by Saudi informant
Chinese Agencies Halt Philippines Trips
Putin won’t attend G8 meeting
Making and selling to be the future of Russian economy
Ancient language discovered



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