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Who Is Assassinating The Former Libyan or Gadhafi Members of ‘priviledged state secrets club’?

Someone is hard at work killing off any remaining former Gadhaffian members of state, especially the close-knit club who are priviledged to all sort of sensitivites informations, dealings and so forth. The chain of killings began with Gadhafi himself, his sons, and one remaining, I have no doubt he will be dealt with, and given no ‘judicial platform’, where he might spill out the dirty launderies for all to smell to rot. Even the Moussa, in hiding, the former intelligence, will in the end be done with, in a special finese way, of course.

In short, my money is on the security services (France and British, Not an American interests) in collision/and coalition with special ‘priviledged interests groups’, the oilmen and bankers.

anyway, the usual media (they cant be bothered by real stories like this, the assassinations so left to little dramas):











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