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Shalom Chaverim: The Coming End of The Palestine Jews

Whether we like it or not, to discuss or comprehend, that there is a coming end to the jews of Palestine as those rightful owners of the land are slowly pushing ahead, and the beneficator of the old order (the west) is weakening internally and externally. To under Palestine, one needs to understand and study critically the ‘perfect case study’ of similarities and mirroring, that of the South Africa between 1948-1991 (or Apartheid Era).

The blacks, rightful owners, finally overwhlemed the external benefactors and internal white minorities were left exposed, thanks to overwhelming divisions and support for equality whitin the whites, which brought peaceful transitional change. The Question Now Is: ‘Will Palestine be a peaceful transition or a violent ‘second holocaust’? This is the question, of when, not if. My advise to the local regional jews will be, they need to start looking for the next ‘exodus’ (Mitzrayim) to old ‘Gentile’ Europe, or across the Atlantic to U.S. or Argentina (as they initially envisaged before Balfour Declaration gave them Palestine).

In short, one way or another, the Palestinians will again dominant those lands, and I, as many, only wish and hope it will be through peaceful [co-existence] transition (but being a realist, I foresee too much slaughter coming up, poor jews!).


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