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CISPA, Security Services & My Own Personal Experiences

A. The Intrusive New Measures and Security Services

So there are passing the intrusive bill. I told you, they can not be stopped, anything, literary anything, the secret security services (gestapos, stasis and so forth) wants you can be sure they will always get it; after all it is not just for them and their prestiges, but it is also for the benefit of their elite powerful clients and organisations (see below post, Amy Goodman with the link to OpenSecret lobbying watchdog, which seems only to trace the money but unable to trace the secret back-channels of fundings, and other pecks. Also, for those new, watch RUBICON a tv series that depicts in actual truth the essence of secret security agencies and their private clients, and was forced off air by U.S. Government; and you can read past post, just search ‘security services’ etc).

In short, the bill will pass both in U.S. & U.K., as well as Germany (where it is being debated in Reichtag), and EU parliament. No one can stop the security services—NO ONE! Even when Obama states ‘I’ll challenge it, with presidential veto’, this is a mere political tactic; in other words, waiting out the coming elections, if re-elected for final second term, he will pass it and not veto it; if he is ‘put to the test’ before elections’ he will do the usual ‘dragging’ send it back for readings, or retifications, and buying time for elections; as if not elected, it will be the next presidents issue (which will be passed under Republicans.

B. My Personal Experiences:

I believe in September 2010, I might have got myself listed, probably, as ‘an enemy of the state’. I was stopped at Birmingham International Airport (UK) and ‘questioned’ for between 30-40 mins (life tracing etc) and was left to go (of course, under Anti-Terror Bill). They did not take any mobile or laptops off me, and it was only one agent (who identified himself as ‘Gary’) with another an ethnic girl outside the room (and probably others somewhere else), and the reason for stop-and-questioned, it is because I just visited a place (and country, for my two-weeks holidays) neighbouring a ‘failed terrorist state’ (even when I was over 500 miles away from even closer to the borders). And I particularly loved the last statement, please do not ‘tell anyone you were detained, it was only precautionary’ (hahaha). Of course, just after I wrote a letter to my local Member of Parliament, useless as can be guessed, and……………………………………. (read Goodman for simialr stories of other innocent ‘enemies of states’). Oh yeah, and ever since, they have been ”keeping an eye on me”, like the ”anti-democratic states” keep an eye on their own ‘political dissidents’ (I am not going to discuss these here, because I prefer they keep believing I do not know all of these)………………….REALITY is Not What it seems (‘democracy eh’ ??????)

Anyway, ‘enemy of state’, haha, as if the state as anything that I want from it; or I am really concerned with their trivial little power-games. The only thing that this might have done is assuring that I will never get any other security-clearance jobs in U.K., or perhaps even U.S. (and the general West)——since I have been Blacklisted by the Cheka Police (hahaha), I might just resolve to opening a bookstore-cafe combo and live out my life, from now on; I am not an idot, no one can fight these groups, even taking them to court is more pains and useless energy, and will in the end lose (they have never lost a judicial battle, from torture to assasinations and so forth); why start now?

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3 thoughts on “CISPA, Security Services & My Own Personal Experiences

  1. For readers benefit, they watched now and then because of my anti-imperialism and colonialism (which has been generally interpreted as ”anti-western” sentiments), and not, I repeat, not because I might be an idiot (that ”terrorist”), they know with absolute clarity I am not, have not, and will not be one!

    seriously, there are more ways to ‘skin a cat’ without being traceable or…….

    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | April 28, 2012, 12:24 pm


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