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Reality Check: The Arab Spring & The West Counter-revolutionary successes (How the west still rule the middle east?)

Introduction: The West Still Rule The Arabs

So, after the euphoria and idiocy from all corners and sources, and for those of us who saw where the ”revolutions” were going, we can all clearly congratulate the western counter-revolutionary efforts against ‘popular democratic” interests and desires.

In short, the middle east of today is not any form or angle different from that of yesterday, it is still dominated by the west; the Arabs continue to be mastered by the west, and their muppets at local (the natural phase of imperialism through direct colonial system, to imperialism through indirect colonial system).

[A] In Yemen:

the Junta (of old bureaucrats and militarymen) continue to rule the country supported by the west (US drones wars).

[B] In Libya:

the old with the new American-nurtured and trained leadership is in place, hence, the ‘rebellion’ is still in place; nothing is as yet settled, but do not hold your breathe, in the end it will be just the way the west wants, and not, again, the populous way (and their ‘democratic’ idiocracy).

[C] In Egypt:

the Military Junta, American supported, for example, through IMF (agreed $3bn loan) and othe ”international organisations” (governmental and non-governmental), continue to rule, though there is an open realisation that this can not go on, so what is the US-led west to do in Egypt? They recently, tried [1] to ‘slip-in’ last minute old-guard of Mubarak, a vehemently pro-western and American (CIA linked) Mr. Omar Suleiman, the former Intelligence director, and the early post-Mubarak ‘caretaker’ and further oppressor of Egypt. When the choice appeared highly unpopular at home and abroad, with fierce critics and outcries, the west tried again [2] with another old-guard of Mubarak era, who is also very very pro-American and western (he wants Egypt to virtually be a member state of EU), Mr. Amr Moussa (to many he is the famous architect of western-led NATO interventions in Libya via his chairmanship authority at the Arab League).

In short, in Egypt there is no chance, i.e. no chance at all (repetition intended), that Americans and the west will leave the fate of such a powerful and strategic nation be at the hands of ”ignorant masses”, who might just choose another Nasser (from one of the popular Islamists parties, who already dominate the legislative from recent elections). The lessons of Nasser, Seventies and the Baathists, plus more recent, Hamas (Palestine), and Islamic Courts (Somalia) are still very fresh in the western minds and hearts. With American ‘land-based aircraft carrier in Palestine’ so close, there is definitely no f****** way that the ignorant stupid masses will have their ”democracy”, keep dreaming.

[D] In Bahraini, Saudi, Qatar:

the west are supplying and sustaining these unpopular local rulers and tyrants, since these serve the west very well. No surprises, no need for detailed analysis.

[E] In Morroco, nothing has changed, a pro-western and American ruler still exist;

[F] In Algeria: the proitests were defeated before they even got to the centre of the square with ruthlessness traditional in such a state;

[G] In Tunisia, the old pro-western structures are stable,

[H] only in Mali, Chad and other North Africa Moslem states and the Horn of Africa are the resistances continue to be in place, and repealing the western counter-revolutions efforts.

[I] In Syria and Iran:

the west failed from the very start. It is a Bear-Country Area (Russian), no f****** way the west are going to succeed in whatever inventive approaches they try out, the regimes will still be in place; these are Russians equivalent of lessons learned from past histories of western meddling, with the Shah, and Hashemite affairs of the past (as Egypt and Islamists past is to the west).

To close off, if you are one of those stupid, ignorant and naive idealists who believed there is a change in the air across the Arab world, as a result of ‘Arab Spring’, I am sorry to dampen down your illusions, but you are all still under the dominance of the west; not free, not democratic.

Anyway, the usual excellent new articles (see WSJ on Egypt):
























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