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The South [America]: The World Next Superpowers and Superthreats

South America is slowly showing off it’s independence and growth:

[1] Argentina takes on UK, Spain and the rest of EU and UN at one go. It renationalise oil firms, YPF. It remilitarising at alarming rate with Falklands on her sights (my opinion, it is rightful theirs, even when brave fighters fell upon it from our side). It challenges the US and EU, from Spain, to Banking threats. And finally, the ‘key correlate’ across the region, she is moving closer and closer to regional unity against outsiders.

[2] Brazil takes on the biggest player in town, the United States, at monetary and trading issues.Remilitarising at strategic levels, with subs, missiles, with even nuclear desires.And like Argentina, she is moving closer to regional allies (forming their own little ‘band of ches’).

[3] Venezuela, Peru, Cuba and Bolivia, smaller but proper knuckleheads, taking no shit from anyone, with more threatening potentials as these embodies local ‘nativeness’ revolutionary enthusiasms and cultic following. The French of South America, smallest power but dynamic and unpredictable, with potential to shift rapdily changes and postures.

[4] Mexico, the British of the [general] Americas, waiting out the losers and opportunities. The Hyenas of politics (as the British), always waiting-out for the spoils. Bloody Scavengers, haha. But these are the actual winners, always.

[5] Colombia, Uruguay and Guatemala, the potentials of rising rich states. The next Costa Ricas of the Americas, with perhaps greater potentials and growth. Highly valuable investment assets these are, of course, if proper and tangible working solutions can be found against organised crime in these states.

[6] Chile, the Scandanavia of Americas. The brain power. Fantastic investments.

I guess I have covered all the relevants. In short, as I have always stated, WATCH OUT FOR THE SOUTH AMERICA, not Asia, not Europe, but THE GENERAL SOUTH (Americas, Australia and Africa: The great haves of the next generations).

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