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On Mercenaries: Behavioural and Personalities Analysis (originally posted on another platform)

So, Messr. ‘A’ emails me yesterday evening, and asked, if I could further elaborate on the violent nature of previously mentioned groups of mercenaries (Italians, Spaniards, Gurkhas, Latinos etc). Well, here is my original email reply to him for the benefit of the rest of you guys;

”[First] the Italians:

These are braggers, in for the ‘glory of the gun’. In other words, they like to talk a lot about their ‘professionalism’, as professional mercenaries working in dangerous places etc, mostly for the benefit of picking up girls (haha, seriously truth). In battlefields, especially raging close combat, these are generally cowards, and will leave those fighting next to them on their own, hence, the actual professional, and disciplined, mercenaries mostly hate the Italians, and avoid them like a plague. In the mess areas, during chow-time, they are loud-mouthed idiots. Anyway, this is the general personality and behavioral group analysis on the Italians. However, few, like the rest of western mercenaries, those of former NCO (non-commissioned officers, that, corporals, sergeants, etc) to officers ranks, are highly disciplined professionals, unlike the rank-and-files. This bring us to western analysis.

[Secondly] The Western Mercenaries:

As already reiterated these tend to be divided on the two primary lines of disciplined professionals of former officer cadres, and the highly dangerous, ‘in for the fun of it’, rank-and-files, from private ranks, or criminals and others. The former tend to be tasked with lower level management responsibilities, as usual, and the latter are the ‘gun-trotting nutters’, who most people avoid, since if you ‘roll’ with these, you probably have 30 percent chance of mortality left in you. These make-up the majority of personnel within the western private security firms, especially, Blackwaters (now Xe), and UK-based firms. And due to western ‘professional’ nature, these generally tend not to exert themselves beyond ‘their role and duties’, as they work according to their pay-scales, and for this reason, I would not recommend these for serious combat, unless you are prepared to pay crazy shit of money.

[Thirdly] The Spaniards:

These tend to keep themselves to their own nationalities group, I personally have little information on these (met these only once, and on a roadside check-point). I will stop here, but they have the reputation of being good fighters, aggressive, and western in approach.

[Fourth] the Latinos from Latin America:

Holy Father of S**t, you do not want to know about these, they are the most violent f***ers around. Reflective of their regional cultures, Latin America being the most dangerous place on this earth (I think even the gods had packed up and left long time ago). You seriously, have more chance of mortality in Kabul, Afghanistan, than in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Guatemala (the highest of all) and so forth. One do not even wish to have a day-dream about these places. In short, as I have attempted to illustrate, Latinos are cut-throat f***ers, or in other words, perfect mercenaries, second only to Africans (which we examine next).

[Fifth] the Africans:

Oh dear, I never put myself around these groups. These are the most unpredictable, uncontrollable, unmanageable and highly independent-minded, greed-driven, sexual-motivated idiots I know. Seriously, if one is thinking of a career in private security, one would try as hard as one can possible do, to avoid working either with these groups, or even closely with these groups, or just as a part ‘of a temporary task-force’. Fierce fighters, muscle-based not brain-based, hence, the need to avoid them. combat is fought with mind, not muscles.

[Sixth] The Nepalese:

My favorite group. The most disciplined, professional and loyal of all (since even when the royal house of UK visit combat zones, they are usually attached to this regiment of Gurkhas). This is all I can say about these groups, I would highly recommend it. However, you need to keep up with them, very fit, in running, and all sorts of combat fitness.”

This is the brief personality and behavioral analysis I sent in reply to Messr. ‘A’.

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