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Welcome To The BRICS World (To Your Left You Can See The Old Western-UN World & To Your Right The Contested Areas/the future of conflicts. Invest-Wisely and Have A Nice Transformation. Thank You)

BRICS is made up of Brazil, Russia, China, India and (more recent) South Africa, and seems to have recently started to bypass the 60 years old international system based on the Atlantic Model/Charter between the two Anglo-Saxons countries, Britain and US, also known as comically, United Nations (UN). Anyway, from now on every event in the world will undergo a series of complex diplomatic compromises and trips between the UN, the States (individually, and in bloc, for example, Mercusor, EU, Asean etc), and then it will have to, YES, It will have to, be rectified and accepted by the BRICS participants.

The old states, long humiliated, are now slowly architecting a model of global control. The media and others keep calling it BRICS an economic organisation, but the fact of the matter, these have a shared history, enemies, and fresh wounds, and they can in short time, as they are already behind door, take for example with Syria (do you really think the so-called ‘rebels’ still have a shot?, please! The ground has been set for the first time in the history of BRICS as a focal point of it’s unified foreign and security policy, especially between the two key players, Russians and Chinese). Anyway, another example, is they are [mmm] ‘kind of trying to frustrate and spotlighting the western dominance of the old systems’, with the coming elections of the World Bank, where there has never been a non-European/western candidate in chair.

The point is, BRICS countries participate, advantage, in two world systems, but western states, on the other hand, have no say on the BRICS structure and policies (as BRICS with NATO).

Interesting development, and events to watch for the coming years. I predict the complete ignorance of the old western structures, and ‘going by their own business’ within their own new world system–history does repeat itself—-and centuries after, the west will again try to force their way in to access these states markets, and so forth. History people, all you need to know is there, since we are all cyclical, everything from life, ‘knowledge’, science and technologies, wars and so forth, everything is the same as before ‘civilisation’, but only UPGRADES in tools specific for the undertaking of the same, old and present, tasks. You and I are still apes, unless you are one of those creationists geniuses and their gods. Even language I reckon has not improve that much (we claim mastery, but what is the evidence, that the very old never spoke with fluency, other than speculative theories based on brain-size analysis, and less on sophisticated abilities of past ‘un’civilised societies to organise, societies and violence???????

Anyway, headlines as usuals:



























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