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The French Tragedy: Is it a State & Secret Security Services Collision (in support of Sarkozy Re-Election)?

As I have always stated, everywhere, one needs always to question the story behind the story; read between the lines, deconstruct and reconstruct, to make sense of realities, even if it sounds like a big conspiracy, one might be probably more closer to truth than the average headlines observer.

[1.] Why the attacks happened now (election time)?

The Little Napoleon, Sarkozy, is a ruthless, but highly regarded and loved personality by the elites in the country, from security services, armed forces, to businesses, and others; he has served them well, huge budgets, and more ‘adventurous foreign policy’: in short, the glory of France rehabilitated under his leadership. The coming Election is proving cardiac for interest-groups close to him, since the socialists are still growing in popularity against all ‘ruthless dirty electoral tacitics’ from the conservatives. This is I have discussed in detail here (see The Art of Electoral Rigging and others).

In short, this approach is the favoured way for the west to ‘manipulate’ votes, for either ‘good chap’ incumbent, or more conservative and ‘profitable’ candidate (The Manchurian Candidate Nightmare, without chip-on-brains). This is the same trick Putin attempted to use, with ‘chechnya bombings’, and ‘Assasination’ threats. I would never trust the little napoleon even in shaking hands with him, he might just pick-pocket my watch. He is highly corrupt, as already proven with Gaddafi links, and even more recent with another ‘colllision’ with the security services to undermine and threat the local media and so forth. Hence, I truly believe they were behind these bombings, ‘letting off’ the actors to do their wills, not actually conducting these themselves; in other words, they must have watched these for sometime, and left them off ‘the watch’.

2. Why there is a huge-gap between last attempted attack and the present?

Above inquiry brings us to this second co-variable—-How, since France has proven to be the best model for counter-terrorism in the West, the assasinations succeeded?.

Conduct independent Research of a post-9/11 France new architecture against terrorism, absolutely great, and disturbing, stuff: in short, they literally, have the entire Muslim Diaspora communities on watch 24/7, and co-ordinates efforts with British, Italians, and Seven others European nations, including, US, Canada and Australia, and Palestine Jews; the collective security and intelligence framework; as it was during the cold war based in Australia. All these must have collided with the French, in order to support the re-election chances for the Sarkozy; Merkel, Italians, Brits and Obama, all have never hidden they favouritism for Sarkozy, even to the point of stories of Merkozy campaign to have sarkozy re-elected; external nations manipulating internal elections………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Italy all over).

3. why ‘Al-Qa’ida’ of all?

After just showing the almost inability to operate of these actors in France, why now were these able to conduct such operations? And why, first, the ‘soldiers of nations’, symbols of France pride (paratroopers), and later the local jewish community (the Iran crisis)? I will leave it here for you to ponder the connections: the use of propaganda in play.

And also the ‘operational tactics’ used, motorcycle (drive-bys: Talibanis, Al-Qaida and Iranian Association: psychological operations), and in France the second most surveillanced state on earth, in the daylight, and between four days a part…mmmm!

Anyone who does not seriously question these ‘rather obviously and disturbing links’ is seriously lacking something!

Here is a good link on France and the Media: (must read!)


Further the usual headlines:













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3 thoughts on “The French Tragedy: Is it a State & Secret Security Services Collision (in support of Sarkozy Re-Election)?

  1. When something is fishy, your guts always react quickly from the horrible distateful smell.

    Der Spiegel, always a fantastic platform for excellent investigative reports has this on Toulouse murders:

    (Link: http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,822431,00.html)

    1. The 3 paaratroopers ‘non-French’, but from North Africa Descent ???? (French Security, unlike Brits or Yanks, tend greatly to shy away from ‘wasting own nationals’, from own hands. The rest were innocent jewish childrens (the problem of French anti-semitism might provide an answer to ‘left operate freely’).

    2. Other disturbing questions is the ‘fastness’ in ‘cornering’ the apartments the suspect was leaving in…mmm???

    and so forth (recent sarkozy repeated ‘high terror alerts warnings’ etc).

    Might come and discuss more, when able and new reports come in.

    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | March 21, 2012, 2:00 pm

    Here is why the primary opponent to Sarkozy might look threatening to so-called ‘one per cent’ of France elites;

    ”Francois Hollande, the socialist frontrunner in France’s presidential elections, worries many in finance. They see his pledges to raise taxes, split up banks, and ditch austerity as a threat to the market’s tranquility. But he may not be all that radical”. SOURCE: REUTERS

    See the full article here at: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/21/us-france-hollande-idUSBRE82K0AO20120321.

    And further news coming in on ‘Toulouse Drama’;

    http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/21/us-france-shootings-suspect-idUSBRE82K0PR20120321 This takes a look at his travels to Afghanistan with possible ‘daring escape’ from the jail at Kandahar, and he was still able to get back into France unnoticed, again, the mmmmmmmmmss?????

    Same story from France24: http://observers.france24.com/node/464861

    By the way to reiterate my point—

    the operational officers and intelligence analysts, from lower positions, tend to be on the dark most of the time on the matters, and the ‘collision’ is usually between those at top management/directorate/DI (whatever one might want to call these) levels (again, highly recommend one to watch the TV Series ‘Rubicon’, cancelled after US government protested, since its depiction of collision of these state instruments/institutions with private interests was ‘to perfection’.).

    In short, most of the lower-classes operatives and analysts are great, real patriotic, lads and lassies, believing hundred percent they are doing it all for the safety of the country, but for most, only few years in, and they start getting the shock of truth; some quit and live in fear and paranoia for their rest of lives; some join the underworld as kingpins of crime; others, go in hideout; others try to fight a losing battle; ending up in gods-foresaken jails; or death-by-accidents and so forth (service in the name of the country, right—till death do us a part, hahah). Great people, bad career-choices.

    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | March 21, 2012, 6:44 pm
  3. The Guardian start asking similar questions, see the article link below (appeared this morning on its website):


    other links from yesterday and today (varieties, and might be of interest to readers):


    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | March 22, 2012, 10:51 am

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