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The Assad Emails: The New Exciting Round Of Western Propaganda (Remember Libya?) & The ‘Arab-Spring’

In the UK, the Guardian is yet again leading from the front on the ‘new western propaganda war’ as it has been throughout the ‘Arab Spring’. Why the choice of The Guardian? The paper has been deliberately picked and fed throughout some of the most ’embarrasing and discrediting materials’ because it is what the Americans will be referring to it as the ‘most liberal’ media platform in UK, always clashing with incumbent governing parties, and with readership of more ‘liberal-minded’, people, who any government will want to be ‘tacit’ when the decision to ‘invade’ or interfer comes next (the long process of militar creep; start with information operations before physical, and continue with it throughout). In short, becuase the guiardian is trusted by any reader.

The guardian points to the origins of the emails as traceable to the ‘rebels’, the same ‘rebels’ who can’t find their way out of an encirclement, or poaching off a pro-government media etc. We all know where the interception came from, dont we?

Now, next the exciting aspect, why Syria is different to Libya? Syria is, as we have continously stated, a Russia-West conflict, not Syria-West, so watch as the new counter-propaganda comes up, with more professional look, for example, the most recent, the deputy foreign minister, statement of open support to the Syrian Government, meant to state it is Russian fight with the west, and very recent also there has been an announcement of three ‘defections’ of key senior members of so-called ‘National Council for Syrian’.

Syria is exciting, to reiterate because it is a cold-war-proxy-war, and the more we, in the west, push for it, the more we are going to bring out Russians ‘covert activities’ against us, somewhere else, for example, Afghanistan (there is ‘secret’ buzz that the Russians might re-approach Talibanis to take them up on their old offer, made in the early 2000 during the early days of invasion, to ‘co-work’ together against the US and allies. Early stages, of course, but the source, is highly reliable. Watch out even for the Pakistani Reapproachment by Russians). Very exciting moment in our generation lifetime, watching the coming to end of the ‘old cold war ceasefire’, and smooth transition back into the old frontline battlefields, by the two old enemies: do not worry China, never, i believed before and still do so, will be a worthy, or a real challenger, unlike the Russians (it is in their ‘blood’).

Anyway, Headlines, and observe some of my analyses coming true, for example, Iranians, In Yemen, Somalia, Bahraini, Syria, etc, and the Turks on their heels. Russia deep into the events, or the Syrians approaching counter-rebellion as I discussed, and the war with Iran will never be! Enjoy. (I will highly recommend a perusal, since there are some few highly excellent pieces, for example, on Goldman Sach Culture, Falkland deal of 1972, racism, Afghan crisis etc).










































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One thought on “The Assad Emails: The New Exciting Round Of Western Propaganda (Remember Libya?) & The ‘Arab-Spring’

  1. There are three types of ‘war-media’ channels in UK:

    [X] the Times, which is primarily a war-lobbying newspaper, has always been, and will, undoubtedly, continue with the tradition. The reasons, I can not state, but known to many, I will be wide open to legal action (powerful people).

    [X]- then the Guardian, as we stated above, as one of the most respected newspaper, not only locally but global, it is the best place to ‘leak’ disinformation stories, and since the paper is in the business of news, it can not afford, most of the time, to pass these off (propaganda or not). Thus, the paper, serve as a respectable propaganda dissemination/information operations platform.

    [X] Thirdly, the most hated, is actually the most neutral and level-headed paper when it comes to matter of national security, and thus, wars. The Daily Mail, though racist as hell, is the best platform for unbiased level-heade analyses, especially when the wars or national security matters in question are actually not ‘of real national threat level’, meaning, if it is a truly patriotic war of survival etc (or Falklands), it will support it, not lobby for it, or endorse it, but support it fearlessly and biasely, from WHEN it starts to the end–admirable from a despicable source.

    the rest, are really irrelevants.

    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | March 16, 2012, 3:36 pm

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