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My Up-Coming Free E-Short-Book (MUST READ SYNOPSIS): The World of 20XX

In this book I will argue that there is an agressive revival of colonialism from the three states of European stock,

1. The US: From A Good Leader to A Corrupt Power

First, The United States of America, though, she appears to be caught mostly between schizophrenic cartesian dualism of ‘to be or not to be’ a colonialist power. The argument with US is that, until the rise of neo-conservatives to power in 2000, US foreign policy and government, tend to be overtly pragmatic about even thinking of imperialism culture, and sincerely sought a distinctive ‘common good hegemonic status and role‘, one based not on dominance but on mutual benefit, hence, Japan, German, and others, she has always been, what I refer to as the model of Pax Entrepreneurial Power (read my political essays on e-library, very old, and grammatic problems sorry, caused by lack of editing).

United States, used to Come, Conquer and Create a truly independent and efficient state. But the coming of neo-cons, changed everything, as the administrative centres of states, the bureaucrats were replaced by ‘neo-philes’, who had in their minds nothing but global dominance status, to match and rival old powers. United States, in short, finally divorced herself from the clashes of WIlsonian or Jacksonian approach to foreign relations; to be a support of democratic institutions, free and of common good, or to be a commanding power over others as destined by the manifest destiny thesis, based on American Exceptionalism.

Myself, for now, I will continue to have faith on her, especially her citizens in holding to account their rulers, unlike us in the the old world, where our autocrats are free and laws to themselves. Perhaps, US will again come back as a leader of states, not a ruler of states.

2. The United Kingdom: The Dead Power Walking

In the UK, she will forever be an imperialist culture, not the citizens, but the persistent structural culture, as practised by the old-aged old boy club in the heart of British governance and policy-making. If you want to examine more, there are few more articles in here to give you further suggestions and directions to unravel the truth behind the facade of democracy.

UK will continue to be the cause of international insecurity and disorder, chaos and local problems, as she will try, and try to keep her ‘gloire‘ (to use Louis XIV concept, when he said, only glory and status is what counts, and then regretted such an utterance, and approach to life and statecraft, when in his dying bed he informed and counsel his child, I and France have been doomed because we both lived for war, ‘we loved war so much’). This is why this country of mine is slowly breaking into pieces, from de-colonialisation, to Iraq-effect and her deteriorated status in the world and region (being a joke in the continent not even France close ally will shake the hand of British PM, or even bother to inform him of policy changes).

In short, UK will continue to be a cause of international problems, and agendas for ‘new thinking’, coined by Robert Cooper, ‘Neo-Liberalist Imperialism’, google his name for his articles on Guardian and Independent, and giving examples, such a Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Basra etc. Where UK had their plenipotentiary acting as colonial viscounts. Hence, we send two princes to problem countries, WIlliam to Malvinas/Falkland, and Harry to Jamaica to rejuvenate the ‘Britishness’, against the growth of anti-British imperialism.

In few words, the sun never set in Britian, because even the gods do not trust us in the dark, and thus, the rest of the world should never ever trust us behind doors.

3. L’ Petite Francois: Where Little Napoleons are Born every generation

When these lil’ Napoleons come into lime light of power, they want to ‘regain’ the old national ‘gloire’ (see above), and thus goes across, the old french-controlled regions and create havoc. In short, France is France, to use the words of Steve something on Pink Panther, she will forever be a paranoid, self-induced problem child of the world and Europe, especially.

In Sum:

In short, the book will end with a warning, to the third world, be very wary of the ‘greeks bearing gifts’, because once you let them in, they will never want to leave, and claim ‘squatters’ rights, by authority of the cosmic powers, or/and constitutions, and international communities, all those abstract-based concepts, that even philosophers of calibre of Sophocles or Socrates could never ever get themselves out of their ‘illogical reasoning’ foundations.

Thanks. And watch out for the e-book (free).

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