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Important Thoughts On The Contemporary Global Affairs (Do not Miss the Summary)

First, I have again been vindicated (right David?), Libya is slowly breaking up into chaotic pieces: http://www.france24.com/en/20120306-libya-bengazi-cyrenaica-autonomy-federalism.

Secondly, with the coming of the Egyptian presidential elections, if the Islamic Parties win it, I promise you a return of a very, highly very, proactive Egypt in the region, and Islamic Affairs, based on the Nasserite Model of Pan-Arabianism, but this one will be Pan-Islamism (local before global; and not global in reference to subjugating an entire world into Islamic ideals, but rather global, in terms of Greater Islamic World).

Thirdly, the Somalia oil, everyone is up for it, especially the French (apparently, they have increased their incursive-operations with the use of the Foreign Legions stationed at Djibouti, just as I said before, they have always been present), and also, the dying little us, the British, and the poor forced US (a chopper was shot down recently. And we have seen an increase in Drones, and night raids, from Kenya Borders). United States seems lesser of a bad guy and more of a forced to be a supporter of bad ‘friends’; bailing them out, supporting them, etc. It is the usual story of great powers, from the Pelopennesia war, when Athens and Sparta went to war over ‘allies defence’, to WWI/II over Belgium and Poland, respectively, and so forth.

Fourthly, The winning party in middle eastern affairs, is Turkey. The rise of three Red Armies/States in the East. Watch for the Putinist Russia, Maoist China and Ottoman Turkey. These three are the new masters of the region stretching from Korean peninsular to the Balkans, the North Africa, West, East and Even South of Africa, with one, China going for the ‘imperialists throat’, the western hemisphere (South and Central America) based on the Mao Grand Strategic Blueprint; take the peripherals, and buy the core (hence, large chunk of Europe and North America, including US, is now in ownership of Beijing). The one, China, at the present controls over 40 per cent o f global natural resources and supporting-assets (companies etc). The other, Turkey, is at the present one of the rapidly growing foreign aid supporter, and cultural exporter within the Islamic region, with a clear intent of re-establishing her glorious old powers in the regions. Russia, she is Europe’s key supplier of energy, and about to control a great chunk of the arctic resources, and to lay out a ‘Five-Year Growth Plan’ for the modernisation of the country, Military and Foreign, local and economic sectors.

Finally, the anonymous events, still vindicating my analysis (my advice will be, do not attack the websites, hit where the money is, the banks, transfer the digits, to poor peoples accounts, below 5000 or something. Always is the money which hurts most).

In short, ladies and gentlemen, the world is truly at the crossroads. War, peace or a compromised ‘armed peace’? We have, alas, passed peace, long time ago, when the west abused her consented new global leadership role after the cold war ceasefire, especially with the GWOT (global war on terror, US has forced the multipolar compromises into a multipolar armed camps). With War, definitely, we are gliding down the path of a long period of warfare, small and big. What about the last, armed peace, this option is only left to the present superpower, the US, to calm herslef, and her ‘burdens of friends’, or to follow to geese into the bloodpool awaiting us all.

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