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My Community Project: As a Model For Joshua’s Search For Alternative

Joshua, a friend asked me how would an occupy movement and anonymous ‘fight-on’. I took him, which is highly unusual to my community, and I showed him how I created ‘a parallel government’, literary.

You see, ladies and gents, I gave up all, literary, and only here, and through few ‘clients’ here and there, now and then, when these come around and ask me for counsel and services, I act as an geopolitical and defence analysts and strategist, but my primary passion is supporting my local communities. I have had for a while now, my own local project, started from scratch, with not a single penny in use, but through local volunteers to provide all sort of services for my local community (I went back to the ghettos, seriously).

For example, my project provides free health and medical services, through organising and liasoning with local community doctors, and medical students, for monthly community check-ups for all, from eye-sights, dental, complete physical etc. I provide welfare advice and services, even support community security, from local thugs, and outsiders (sort of private community policing services) etc. and it is this model I informed my good friend Jo, that if many start implementing these in support of own local communities, then slowly we are going to take away forced legitimacy and authority from the ”ruling classess”, and literary, give it to the people. Every services I find appropriate expert and specialist to provide it to the community, which is also his’/hers’, for free. Myself, I teach, all levels, I help with fitness, health issues, outdoors activities, sporting events, management, and so forth.

Here is my silent revolution—-Me (one man and his armies of community volunteers) against the world (of greed and inequalities).

At the present, I am even contemplating introducing community-cooperatives companies, local residents making all their essential daily and living needs by own hands–to be self-sufficient as possible. And next……and so forth (cant ruin it). Later, perhaps, for-profit frnachises for the benefit of shred-profit within the community members, and so forth. I was never brought up on the ‘dollar’, rather, I was brought up ‘to not trust the dollar and any lover of the dollar’, haha.

Anyway, I hope I have inspired you (you can make money and services your community, or nearby run-down poor community during the weekends, trust me, you will never feel the feeling you will be feeling when undertaking such a quest–) Goodluck!.

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