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My Proposal For A Successful Iranian Psychological Operations Strategy

What still lingers around the hearts of Irans and their memories of the past? The 1979 Great Revolution.

What was the symbolic aspect of the Great Revolution? The Student.

So, where does one starts? 1979 Great Revolution Remembrance.

Here lies the successful Iranian pyschological/propaganda operations on any future war against the west (and the need to expand it, geographically and actors-wise).

1- The Iranians should from now on replay and recreate the memories of 1979 Great Revolutions, the mythical cult of Khomeini (believe or not, in Cape Town, South Africa, I met a Moslem families who still sorrounded themselves with the images of the leader, and they were sunnis!).

2- Iranians should ‘recreate’ student-led patriotism and revolutionary enthusiasm similar to 1979, and give these more news and media coverage, than their leaders. In Iran, the young lead the way, and raise emotions and unity people, as anywhere else in the eastern (that, community-based, not individual-based, societies) states.

3- The students should be the one to appeal for external greater moslem support and unity, and thus, be the face of plea for unity and recruitment. Here, the students message should be simple, and based on Islamic symbolism of unity and ”fed-up” feelings, for example;

(a) ”Come to the last final free Islamic land and defend the last standing Islamic defying fort, against crusaders, infidels (I will use the later, more mass appeal, than the former, more intellectual-based)”

(b) ”go to any Iranian or syrian embassy get a visa and come join the final jihad, or whatever”

(c) ”In Iran we shall all stand us one, proud and free, or fall us one, proud and free”

and so forth, the propagandists, and psyops specialists can take it from here: also, the Iranians should create a unity symbols, shared throughout the history, green with white crescent flag as choice to stand as united moslems, twitter, facebook, website, blogs etc, it should spread everywhere as the west spread and replay the past of peral harbour, 9/11 to raise support for their dodgy policies.

But here lies the success of an Iranian Psychological/propaganda strategy, with an appeal to varies audiences, locally, and beyond.

I will add more later, if I have a chance, got to scoot now.


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