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My New Advice For Iran (& Less On Syria): The Sun Pin Strategy

War is unthinkable at this stage, or any with Iran, however, stupidities of states is not a 100% assurance of inevitabilities. Thus, Iran might still have to go to war soon. The question again, how to go to war as a winner. As you might remember we first looked at how to prevent going to war, and how to fight a ‘shadow war‘ (see the posts below), now is how to win a war before and during breaking phases of fighting.

Sun Pin, was a legendary Chinese military strategist during the warring states period. One of his excellent strategy is pitted against his archenemy, Pang Chuan, this is the first point of focus, in terms of Iran, ‘know yoiur enemy’, what is the key interest or motives for your enemy beliigerence towards you, and how will the enemy approach you. In other words, Iran needs to know and understand US interests in the middle east, THE MIDDLE EAST, and it is here that the focus of strategy must be based and architected for.

Iran, with Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others need a propaganda efforts directed at the greater Muslim population acrioss the region and beyond (The papers elaborating this policy I am sending out to Iran today).

Secondly, Iran will have to, in the words of Sun Pin, leave the city-walls, and attack the enemies main cities, not washington or paris etc, but rather the heart of the enemies close to home, Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain. These are three point of offensive assaults in the first night of war declarations of any form (see the map below), I have left out defensive positions and many other military posture details, these I am sending out with above documents to the Iranians today.

iran map1


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