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MUST READ: My Proposed Military Blueprint for Iran on ‘The Greater Middle East War’

Here is an abridged version of my proposed military strategy for the Iranians in the event of any hostilities against her.

The aim as always is to expand topographically the character of the war, meaning not limiting it to an ‘Iranian War”, but rather exapnd it into ‘The Greater Middle East War’. As it was the intention to expand the number of concerned participants, especially my advice, which seemed to have been heard, of bringing in the Russians back from the cold (war).

Now lets get started.

One thing to remember always is that wars are won or lost before the gun-sounds start. Thus, the preparatory phase of any ”probable future conflict” is without a doubt the most important phase of such a war. Herego, with declarations seemingly about to be rung out, Iran must have had these preparations and plans ready in process. We will divide these in according to ‘theatres of war’.

Theatre One: Saudia Arabia

This is the main, or also known as the primary, theatre of war for the Iranians, and should be so. A brigade size elite force, supported by a division of rag-tag foreign volunteers or low-grade soldiers will invade the Northern regions of Saudi and South-North (Yemen) region, where shiite majority are found, and where the continuing protests are.

This invasion will take advantage afforded by these internal divisions and hostilities in supporting and rallying the shiite of North and South, and those of Yemenis North to support the invasion, feasible or not, the aim is to, remember, EXPAND, participants and geographical breadth of the conflict that was intended to be limited, topographically and participant wise. This defeats the enemies aims, which disrupt their initial meticulous plans, which compound many unforeseen problems, which finally (not really, but just jumping ahead), steal from them that precious INITIATIVE principle of warfare.

Now with these simultaneously being played out, the forces, that reached North Yemen will have to link up with the Qatari invading forces.

Secondary and Timed Theatre: Qatar

The aim here is to strike hard and fast with highly mobile and manuevarable forces, from the sea, and perhaps airborne. The aim is to hit hard in less than 48hours to slice the country up, and drive through deeper into Yemen and link up with the South, either as reinforcement for the main theatre of the South Saudi, or independent drive to far-western Saudi coastline cities, and cordinate with others into contracting inward from three pincers movements.

Secondary, and sea operations: Bahrain

Here the aim is to conduct naval bombardment, and use of special forces to support the Bahrainin shiite community inside, and at the same time, working in three companies, of paratroopers and special forces, offensively assaulting the Bahraini weaker forces.

Company A will be right in the heart of the city, and go after the head of the regime, supported by close naval bombardment and aerial support, of drones. Company B, will support the rear and flanks of the South Saudi Forces, and Qatari Battlegroup, as well as the centre group in the main city. Comapny C, will be the North Saudi support group, of special forces, as well as flanking support for the central forces.

Finally, the Lebanon:

With Lebanon, Iranians will have to support the Hizbullah forces, and Palestinian groups inside the country, but reinforce these with the most lower grade foot soldiers, infantry divisions, with heavy weapon systems, and aerial defensive capabilities. These forces will be 24hrs ready for deployment and into action, the first team will be ready in 12 hours to support a crumbling critical line, or support a critical offensive line, the other will be used as either exploitative force for deeper penetration and opening of the new front, or depth.

Here the Iranians must not be involved until required at each of stated critical timings. However, from this time, if not already done, special Revolutionary Guards units, two or three atleast, must be already attached in liasoning responsibilities with the groups inside Lebanon. their task might range from training, operational planning, direction, coordiantion, logistics and so forth.

Then, you have Palestine:

Palestine I will leave to the divided groups to work out their own operational manuevers and plans. However, these must be informed of the need to work as diversionary forces, nothing but diversionary and ‘holding up’ forces (keeping preoccupied, and holding up personnel and weapons away from critical theatres and zones of operations).

Defensive Posture inside Iran:

This I will not discuss in details, but suffice to say, the forces left inside should only be used flexibly as situation dictate, defence-offence in rythmic.

The rythmic or synchronised nature of such a defensive posture is a must and highly critical. It is a chain that needs to work like guerrillas, what was Guevara dance metaphor, mandora, or something, one hits, one fall to specified lines and not beyond or much deeper inside (tempted for distraction). Let me see the best example is the Gladiator movie, with Russell Crowe, and the stcking together formation, when one ‘part’ is attacked it can hold on, repel and fall back into lines, and that is exactly what the Iranian defensive posture needs to be like, to exhaust and to not divide up. If it break up it will be annihilated, one by one, or fall apart in chaos, as Darius against Alexander.

The Internal defense for Iranians is their key advantage, supported by some of the most ”gods given natural defensive topography” I have ever seen, in miliatry wise. The Zagros Mountains Range, The Desert of the Far East Borders with Pakistani, Baluchistani, Afghanistan, The former Soviet Islamic Republics of the North, the Tjiks, Uzbeks, etc.

In short, I willl use the natural defences as much as I can, and get deeper inside, (re-read Clausewitz, what he was sayiing on these might actual seemed to have been referred of Iranian defenses). The ”Wagon” must be behind the natural defense, and not static as already reiterated, and with the external defense lines to be highly mobile, shadowy and hard-hitting.

I guess, I have covered much to this point, and all I need to do is reiterate the key points: EXPAND, EXPAND, EXPAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once the flames are lit, the Middle East will burn, as the events of 1979 let out the fires for many, and not to forget the eastern neighbours of Afghanistan, Pakistan etc, and their potential use and exploitation, or encouragement in ”passive participation’, and of course, the Iraqis, the Sadr Armies, and blah blah blah—–hence, not a good idea to go to war with Iran, and perhaps, the best Idea for the west to go to war with her (from Iranian perspective).


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One thought on “MUST READ: My Proposed Military Blueprint for Iran on ‘The Greater Middle East War’

  1. so a friend saw my article above, and after reading it, he tells me, or rather asks me, you (i.e. me) always say the opposing side is not inanimate, and seems to contradict at the present such a statemnet, as your plan is today based on an expected inanimate enemies, not singular mind you, plural enemies.

    My response was, if he can remember the opening of the article, and the previous one as well, I always stated that, wars are won before they are started. what this meant, I informed my esteemed colleague was that, from this period (or since), Iran needs to conduct an open propaganda warfare, intensified and directed not just towards the regional populous, but the greater Muslim communities— the message should be, constant and repetetitive;

    * ”we are going to stop the new crusading against Muslims”,
    * ”we are the last of unsubdued & subjugated Muslim nations (with Syria, that is)”
    * ”when the war comes we are not stopping here, but take it to the puppets and traitors”
    * ”this is not a war on Iran or Syria, but the final assault on Muslims” et ceteras…..

    You get the idea, here. The aim is to start laying the foundation of each of coming events (as discussed on the article above), that is;

    (a) the expansion into new fronts, of other Islamic, and Sunni-based, countries (justifiable, or made justifiable by claims of unavoidable, to punish traitors supporting subjugation of Muslims, etc).

    (b) the calling of all Muslims to action, making it there interests, and halt the divisions,

    (c) the making way of encircling and rallying support of local populous; meaning, the encircling of the ‘home-front’ under encirclement itself, and ”living off the land” with permission and tolerance, in a sense.

    Living off the land is a critical point I left out previously, based on the enquiry on how the distanced forces might be supplied. From food, to weapon systems, these units will have to be trained to live-off the enemies own supplies (like guerrillas).

    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | February 20, 2012, 3:17 pm

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