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A Response to A Comment on My Proposed Iranian Military Plan For The Greater Middle East War

This is similar to the statement left under the main article below, as a ”comment”;

”so a friend saw my article above, and after reading it, he tells me, or rather asks me, you (i.e. me) always say the opposing side is not inanimate, and seems to contradict at the present such a statement, as your plan is today based on an expected inanimate enemies, not singular mind you, plural enemies.

My response was, if he can remember the opening of the article, and the previous one as well, I always stated that, wars are won before they are started. what this meant, I informed my esteemed colleague was that, from this period (or since), Iran needs to conduct an open propaganda warfare, intensified and directed not just towards the regional populous, but the greater Muslim communities— the message should be, constant and repetitive;

* ”we are going to stop the new crusading against Muslims”,
* ”we are the last of unsubdued & subjugated Muslim nations (with Syria, that is)”
* ”when the war comes we are not stopping here, but take it to the puppets and traitors”
* ”this is not a war on Iran or Syria, but the final assault on Muslims” et ceteras…..

You get the idea, here. The aim is to start laying the foundation of each of coming events (as discussed on the article above), that is;

(a) the expansion into new fronts, of other Islamic, and Sunni-based, countries (justifiable, or made justifiable by claims of unavoidable, to punish traitors supporting subjugation of Muslims, etc).

(b) the calling of all Muslims to action, making it there interests, and halt the divisions,

(c) the making way of encircling and rallying support of local populous; meaning, the encircling of the ‘home-front’ under encirclement itself, and ”living off the land” with permission and tolerance, in a sense.

Living off the land is a critical point I left out previously, based on the enquiry on how the distanced forces might be supplied. From food, to weapon systems, these units will have to be trained to live-off the enemies own supplies (like guerrillas).”

Useful headlines, for my readers:
























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One thought on “A Response to A Comment on My Proposed Iranian Military Plan For The Greater Middle East War

  1. why propaganda war will work for Iran at this time?

    It has been a decade now since the declared ”global war on muslims, oops, I meant terror”, and the oops, is the moslems mentality (to make a point) which, as any low-level psychological warfare, or even marketing practitioner will inform you is that it is the gold needed to turn it into cash: meaning, an existing, i.e. a real existing perception, which all one needs to do is to reinforce it, build it, feed it, and strenghten it.

    It worked throughout, from the Saladdin, to Nasser, to Gaddaffi (1990-2001), to Saddam (Gulf War I: open any book on the use of propaganda in such a war and one will see the winner was outright Saddam. and my evident is a picture I have when I was a ‘little young’ during the war years, where in the background visiting this school in a non-Islamic state with a minority of Moslems in the country but majority in the school the paintings of the then 10-years old kids were of ‘glorified’ Saddam standing tall and victorious over G. Bush, Snr, with corners of American soldiers bleeding and dying, and copters shot down by a small Iraqi soldier in another corner with his launching shoulder pad missile (Bazooka) etc).

    The point of above is, Iranian propaganda will have a ready receptive ears, from shias, sunnis, and whatever sectarianism there are. The war fate is actually in the hands of Iran, and not the overwhelmingly superior western forces, in numbers, firepowers, weapons, technologies, allies and so forth; all the Iranians needs to do is formulate a ”winning pre-war strategy”, hence, my recent contributions.

    Posted by s.s.salim: Geopolitical Analyst | February 20, 2012, 6:29 pm

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