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Who Are The Best Recruits For Western Muslims To Fight Jihad? The Western Media and States!

Since Iraq, of course, and before, the actions of the western states in supporting locals political power games, and how the western media ‘championed’ the cause have always served as a ‘knife in the heart’ for Muslims. But more recent, in the age of so-called ‘Arab Springs’, the trend is more observable since there has been a failure of finesse, or under the carpet ways of doing things, as horns and cheers are blown from all across the pages, and the main centres of power, and guess what, there are Muslims readership also, and observers as well, seeing and hearing these.

So next time we want to find an answer as to why they hate us, and our freedoms? Maybe, just about maybe (not to over complicate the analysis*), we might just need to go back and rather ask ourselves, why did we beat those drums louder and ‘in their faces’?

Remember, my question on the twitter, ‘why has the Times (UK based Newspaper, once credible, but since bought by the mogul, Murdoch has gone down the hill) continously beat the drums of ‘interventions’ in Middle East affairs, and even the present calls for a war against Iran? Secondly, here is a small taste on at the very present moment on the Guardian online, the main headline followed by few many sub-headlines on the middle east, make your mind up (and traceable from western ‘interventions’ and western media ‘humanitarian championing’);

‘Life and Death In Syrian Town’
* ‘China sends envoy to Damascus’
* ‘Palestinian hunger striker ‘near death’ in Israel’
* ‘Libyan militias accused of torture’
* ‘Syria timeline: how the conflict has escalated’
* ‘Yemen al-Qaida militant killed in family feud’

For those who follow the ‘news’ will understand why someone might be ‘pissed off’ by these headlines and all bunched together.

We are playing dangerous games, I hope these are intended, and not out of foolishness.

Anyway, the usual headlines of interests:


















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