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Being Mahmud Ahmedinajani II: The Checkmate Option

This I held back yesterday, though was one of the most debated of my policies recommendations:


Invite Russia to base their troops inside your countries. Offer One major strategic base in the middle-way of Tehran-Northern borders, and a small shared brigade-level in the western borders, close to Iraq (not Afghanistan).

Syria can do the same, however, they can start with an invitation towards the Russians to come in as ‘peacekeeping forces’.

This is the checkmate option.

No western nation, or any other will even contemplate an assault on these two states with Russian interests attached closely to these.

This options accelerates the end of Cold War ceasefire, as the west and the Russians have been squaring out for a decade now, after the ceasefire in the 1990s.

This is my master policy.

There is few states in the middle east who have played same strategic option for years, in the greater palestine, one actor changes team, whenever there is a new power in global affairs, first their patron(-client) were the British, then Americans, even for a shorter period had the Russians in the mix as well, playing both sides.

This option will defeat any conceivable attempts towards regime changes in these two countries, or even outright aggressive wars.


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