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Being Mahmud Ahmedinajani: Playing Devil’s Advocate Scenario-Games

Recently I played the role of the Iranian president, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmedinajan, and faced with the present dilemma, and asking myself what is to be done? Outlined below, briefly, are some of the principal policies declarations that I made during the game-play, in response to present crisis.

Please note: I first decided that, Iranian present environment is ‘a wartime situation’, keeping this in mind is important as you will see through the ruthlessnes of the proposed policies:

1- Internal Policies:

a. Arrest and Assasinations of all political activists (meaning, the ‘executive branch’) with any possible western ties, or probable western ties, or open for future approaches from the west. ‘The alternatives’ to be presented to the masses.

b. Declare a state of emergency for the nation as a whole, and put it on high alert at all time, and with immediacy, with all the usual, for example, curfews impositions, rationing, foreigners watch or kicked-out, propaganda intensification and so forth. The length of the period for this will be determined with the parrallel-progress on the ‘nuclear activities’.

c. Set up secret post-war resistance systems and structures in place, ready for action. Assassins teams, sleeper cells, caches, logistics, finances, recruitment, political, civil affairs, coordination teams with external allies and comrades etc.

Map out key post-war personnel (HVP/T) etc.

2- External Policies:

2.[A]. Regional Policy:

Behind doors, set out a support architecture with the regional shiites-movements against the monarchists regimes, in Saudi, Yemen, the Gulf States etc. The aim is to create more chaos and as many fires as possible.

An outright full support, through military advisers, and other special civil-political teams (as the west did in Libya and now in Syria) for the rebels.

Provide arms and training to these rebels, and all other essential supports. Open Diplomatic support.

Create regional sleeper cells, and assassins teams. Also, ‘regime in exile team one’.

2. [B]. Latin America Policy:

Extend closer ties, and attempt the unthinkable, to organise close military ties, alliances, and wargames, locally, and even the basing of Iranian troops in key ports, for example Caracas.

Set out a ‘regime in exile team two’ structure and systems in place. The key reposnbsibilities for the team will be to connect with the regional counter-part to support post-war insurgencies and other activities.

(The Latin America Policy at the present is one of a masterpiece move from the actual Iranian Government, taking the cue from the Chinese excellent game strategy).

Anyway, though, I actually went on to discuss further military policies, and their internal restrurcturing, to complement both on- and post-war environments, and other details and reforms and new changes and so forth in details, at the present I will stop here.

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