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The Next Diplomatic Option On The Iran Nuclear Crisis: READ

What is the next diplomatic option available for the western powers on Iran Nuclear goals?

Since Iran claims it nuclear activities are intended primarily for civil use, I ask, why not negotiate on business-like approach an option to integrate (non-)western Arabian, Africans and Latin Americans allies or non-aligned states experts, that, nuclear physicists and engineers, within the Iranian projects.

1. These experts will be paid not by the Iranian state, but by the international community, as project managers, to oversee the ‘civil development’ of the nuclear capabilities.

2. These embedded teams of project managers, will not be associated or linked to any intelligence services, the here key, the existence or aura of a real trust and openess (as covert ops might destroy the chance of this option ever to work, at least, successfully).

3. These teams will be permanent beauracrats, answering to IAEA and Iranian government, a sort of ‘inter-agencies co-operation’: meaning, a special office set up and located in Iran to oversee the succesful and peaceful nature of Iranian Nuclear Activities.

4. These teams will be allowed access to all nuclear-based activities. Since the teams will be based at the core of the ‘strategic management’ echelon.

With this option;

(a) the fears of wars, will be avoided.
(b Iran will ‘save face’ for not backing down on it’s nuclear activities, and
(c) the west, will not annouce the victory of having stopped the Iranian militarisation of their nuclear projects, while reaping the glories of having averted economic and security disaster, at local, regional and global.
(d) it will create a stablke architectural model for future application on those who desire nuclear energy but are mistrusted with the possesion of Nuclear capabilities. Also, it might be re-applied on North Korea etc.

Few Thoughts on my past predictions:

1. Soros today reiterates my earlier theories, that US will be engulfed in the future into ‘cities combat zones’.

2. The North Korean new leader as weak and temporary, as I stated earlier, that he might even be assasinated (support for my theories comes from Kim Jung Un elder brother).

3. UK in Double-Dip Recession for months, but the rest of us are told more recently.

4. Islamists in the reins, and now for the next phase of their magic……..

5. Technologies as bad long term investments, including social media etc.

I will leave it for now, and here are the few selected headlines for my usual readers;




















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