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Prediction: Qatar The New Upcoming Battlefield For Al-Qa’ida & It’s Affiliates in Arabian Peninsular.

This is a simple arithmetics. The more there is a visible alignment from one of the Arabian rulers with the the western powers bloc, the more they become target-preys for the resistance forces in the Islamic World, and contribute to this resistance to spread, ink-bot style.

My thesis is simply this. We all have errorneously defined these resistance groups as ‘terrorists’, for whatever political interests, which we will not get into here, however, the point is this was, and still is, incorrect analysis. These groups, Al-Qa’ida and affiliates, are by-products of the long historical trace of Islamic resistance movements within Islamic Regions of the world. (see this post: https://geopoliticalintelligence.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/the-real-dynamics-of-international-history-affairs-resistance-war-and-revolution-from-the-age-of-alexander-to-the-present-must-read/).

Anyway, the more the west, openly or through proxies of international institutions or communities, continue to be bogged down in the region, and the longer it demands for an open support from the local rulers (the old colonial practises), the more these actions encourage diffusion in the rise of local resistance with global agenda, shared doctrine and strategic objective. My argument is, we have observed and claimed, with thousands logics, that the ‘Arab-Springs’ as independent of these armed struggles, but the underlying truth, many within the security establishments, might fearfully acknowledge is, these are symbiotic. These are product of the resistance, and support the resistance, that is, and will, whatever efforts the west exert, change dramatically regional politics, security and relations with the west (for the worse).

The west might believe that, chaos or instability, is good for their interests, whatever way, since these authorise their involvement in these regions. But the truth, the long-term truth is, examine the past, history will show us the truth, the west have been the losing side since post-decolonialisation age.

This much said, Qatari State is the next target I predict.

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