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A Research Study That Would Have Seen Me Dead: The Evils of Secret Security Services

Death or Life: Recent Option

Recently, I was secretly approached by someone to write a paper on the secret security services. This was to be based on my previous analysis on these actors, as incredibly dangerous to democracy, the principal source of general instabilities and wars, and masters of terrorism. The request was to ”dig deeper”, My response, as I believe of others before me, was, NO THANK YOU, I STILL WANT TO LIVE.

In short, any attempts in investigating these actors will, not playing for words, definitely see a person dead.

First Issue: Threat to Democracy

Intelligence, or secret security services, are a key source of threat to democracy.

These actors are the real rulers behind doors. They blackmail and force ”elected” representatives to do their deeds, unpopular or not, as long as it serves their interests, of existence, good wealth and priviledges, unrivalled by any other in position of powers. Reminds myself of the recent Edgar Biopic Film, played by di caprio, when after finsihing with Robert Kennedy meeting, Hoover reinstated how he still ‘have the original negatives of the pictures on the Presidents (JFK) sleazy doings’. This was after, he attempted a request to have an extension of powers bestowed upon himself and his organisation, the FBI. This is the favourite trick of these actors, hence, they still exist, without any value whatsoever to general population, and nations interests.

Intelligence services, surveil on citizens without recourse. These will stamp on civil liberties without a blink of an eye, and as a former top MI5 agent, James Miller, is reported to have said, ”It is like layers of an onion, and the more you peel them away, the more you feel like crying’, adding,'[T]here are two laws running this country, one for the security services and one for the rest of us”. This is supported by a complete absence of a single prosecution against any agent of security services, for any evil deeds, e.g. torture, merciless killings of civilians, unwarranted surveillance etc, (recently, another bunch of these were left free by a ‘secret court’ on charges of torture). You can point out few names, but these names are those who defied ”the official secret acts” and spoke out against the culture of absurdity and threats to democracy.

Second Issue: Source of Wars and Instability

This is simple, very simple, examine the entire histories of the asscoiation of states and wars, and you will see that, before the institutionalisation of secret security services, these particular states never went to war, at least not offensively against others, ever.

On instabilities, these actors exist rationally, on chaos and the logic of chaos, or fear of chaos. Thus, ergo sum, these actors rather than spending time ‘preventing’ chaos, they architect chaos. I will stop here without examples.

Third Issue: Terrorisation of Societies

During Cold War, communists and socialists, from top political circles to the bottom spheres, were terrorised by these groups in the name of national security, even journalist were killed or jailed, or dissappeared, or intimidated, or driven to suicide and paranoia and so forth, in short, death is always closer.

Today, the age of Islamists, entire Moslem communities are constantly under threats and intimidation from ‘uniformed’, or ‘unidentified’ persons, meaning security services. from surveillance, to this and that. We will stop here again, if I wanted to be lengthy I would have taken the research and face my death I guess.

In short,

Secret Security Services are worthless value for communities, societies and states, but they make own value, through intimidation and blackmail of those on top, or patronage, as these are key vetting actors (or typical of Stalinism practises), or bomb some where and blame it on others, ochestrate few ‘terror’ events and cry out war. Local bobbies, meaning police officers are enough for intelligence collection and analysis.

In other words, these actors are a threat to democracies, to peace and communities relations.


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