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The Dirty Game of Espionage: Iran Killing It’s Nuclear Scientists!

This is just a brief introduction of my day’s club presentation.

Iran is behind the killing of it’s own nuclear scientists, examine the patterns and behavioural executions.

In short;

1– The claims of the western hand are wrong. Since the west have their own ‘signature’, as any other secret security services, or spying agencies, and those able to observe these know exactly what I am talking about.

2– The claims is the Jews, not true, as well, but the jews do live in these sort of samsonian-legend claims, magnifies their ‘worthiness’, and ‘ruthlessness’, which is not true in many counts, for those who know these people, their social mores, etc inside-out will know exactly how they are and so forth, not the issue of discussion (I do not want to be pointed as anti-semitic or so forth).

3– Now is it the Iranians? Definitely, observable outright from the operational execution, the use of ‘assasins’ on mobile platforms, and (what happen to these later, never heard of?) etc. I will not dwell either on this, I must apologise, as I am about to leave for an appointment. Hopefully, I will return later on to extend all argumentative points.

The short point, is Iranian state is hunting down what it believes to be insider informants, who are feeding the western security services with details of it’s nuclear programs. Actually, it is very brilliantly done, the hunting, I mean. Look how the details are connected:

One day you have open leak, or headline of a new development, then few days later the ‘source’, presumably is internally tracked down, and dealt with then fingers are pointed to the west, and the west lose another key asset.

For your own personal investigation, or for investigative reporting, look at the pattern of events, the leaks of stories and new developments, followed by new deaths etc, and new western ‘counter-measures’, economic etc.

Definitely I will come back and reiterate in detail.


why not the west or other parties?

1. The west prefer a different approach to these specific types of situation, thus, omitting the general discussion on the culture of espionage and intelligence in the west. Anyway, as I was saying, the west will tend to prefer the ‘reach-out’ strategy to these scientists, for more information and future intelligence material, rather than killing them, and losing priceless assets.

2. The ‘killings’ itself, how it was done no ‘finesse’ too loud, not a western-standard. The west never ‘announces’ their events in any form, especially, one with easily open communicative intentions to the general public, they prefer to send messages to key people, those who understand, or are at the centre of the events.

why not the regional Iranian archenemies?

I will not cover this in detail, because I do not discuss in public behavioural aspect of these regions actors, tend to be easily confined to charges of anti-this or pro-that bullshit. But I will say this, the Iranian regional enemy, is always theatrical.

What does this mean?

It means they always, that always, seek to sign openly their ‘letters or acts’, for their opposing sides to see. They always announce it, as expected of actors in their position and lesser ‘abilities’ (let say this). This actor is like the ‘terrorists’, they always seek an audience for their messages, and always claim ownership.

So, in short, it can never ever be these, and as said of the west, need for asset alive, apply to them as well.

So, we are left the Iranians.

The clumsiness, or rather arrogance of their approach to the killings, their timings coinciding with key events, and their seemingly manipulation of these events to fish out these informants. And also, their application of same tactics in the past, and most recent in advising the Syrians to do same, conduct bombing acts and claim these on their enemies. All these point the fingers to Iranians policy of hunting dwon internal informants and killing them.

Could it be that other actors are making it appear as Iranian doing?

Trace of signature, and the motives, interests, value does not add up here for this kind of behaviour.

For those seeking the ‘link’ between these scientists and the west, examine and trace their ‘travels’, visits, conferences, summits. Were these some of the key members within the Iranian delegates at IAEA Meetings, other covert meetings etc. This is one of the oldest way of ‘contacting’, ‘approaching’ someone to turn etc.

I hope I have extended the argument to your understanding.


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