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Politico-Security Analysis: My Advice For China After US New Pacific Strategy–New Efforts to Restarting The Old-New Cold War

The Americans Post-Osama Shadows:

The last nail that sealed the coffin for US ‘global intervention’, and militarisation crusade was the, still, debateable, ‘killing’ of Osama Bin Laden, the archenemy of the United Nation, and since this was the primary reason why Americans endured the over-spending on defence, the civil liberties crises and aggressive foreign policies, with it gone, the government of US needs to find new ‘fear’ to put into the minds of Americans, so to justify the continuation of their efforts to uphold the policy of the militarisation of foreing policy.

The Corruptible Mind Of The American Masses:

One thing about the Americans, that is easily observable from any angle is that, they are easily manipulable, meaning, they can be easily persuaded and brainwashed by their representatives. However, at the same time, they always remember ‘who they were before the brainwashing process’, meaning they will continously and consciously be watching the practises of their governments, and they can only take infringments of their ‘natural rights’ to the acceptable limits; admirable quality, though at the same time, worrying (on easiness of persuasion).

It is this easiness of persuasion that throughout the American history, political ruling classes have played with in order to further interests beyond those of national security or national economic interests. Today, after Osama, with austerity everywhere, and defence lobbying at their low, the US Government is digging up new enemies, from old ‘commies’ cries, to rally the nation, which has for decades been well conditioned to hate and fear any word that might identify with the ‘communism-socialism’ leanings, to more recent newer ‘axis of evils’ strapped with WMD, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and evn Syria.

In short, the recent pacific strategy, is nothing but the usual strategic culture of American foreign policy, and the advice to the chinese is don’t fall on the trap; meaning, do not reciprocate–do not give them a new enemy.

The Recommendation to Chinese Government:

In Other Words, Do Not Play By the Intended Game.

China should;

[1] Continue to ignore and carry on sticking to their own, so far, suiccessful, economic strategy of sustainable growth, political and social reforms, and alliance buildings across the ‘peripheral world’ of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and even the ‘Core’ of Europe and North AMerica and the Pacific.

This Mao Strategy is an excellent master strategy, which has so far not failed the Chinese nation redevelopment efforts, and should never be divert from it’s path by any futile attempts towards ‘macho’ policies, of reciprocating to US aggressive Asiatic Policy; as the Soviets did, or the Islamists.

[2] Your Economic Strategy is more influential today, in the general world, especially in the peripheral sector, than the purely capitalist model of the west, with its moral deficiencies.

[3] With this influence, the Chinese are gaining more friends and allies, at local, regional and international areas, serving both their needs and interests in politics and security.

[4] Your gain, is western losses. Hence they are trying to ”unsettle” your strategic focus, discpline and successes.

Concluding Remarks:

In short, as long as China keeps to economic growth and successes, local socio-political reforms, and defensive militarisation, of sphere of interest at home ‘waters and borders’, and beyond through local allies secret security pacts, China will command the world respect and admiration without fighting any wars, but only through economic successes, developmental aid, foreign investments, and local reforms.























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