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After The Ceasefire: The Return of The Great Cold War II

In the early 1980s, Russia, then known as the Soviet Union, decided to fall back to her lines, through a massive strategic retreat. The United States declared a ‘a capitalist victory’. And the end of Cold War was officially ‘recognised’, though not acknowledged.

Now, after twenty years, both sides are restarting the old war. Of course, this time the United States is at the present the only party on the offensive, especially, concentrating on the belly of the bear, the Middle East, leaving most of us, to cry ‘OIL’, but that is just a ‘perk of the offense’. The reality is, United States, supported by the old cold war security bloc, NATO, is actually taking ‘more cautious and aggressive’ approach this time, realising the reality of the war not-won, the inability to ‘chase and finish off the retreating bear’, has since the ‘fall of the wall’, attempted to encircle the Russians, and her close allies, of south Asia (China and North Korea), the Persians of Middle East, Balkan neighbour (mostly through bribery, blackmail and forced ‘support’) and trying to be everywhere, first (Western Strategic Thinking in Practise: Be Strong At All Places, (and be) First).

The ‘Global War on Terror’, was just a continuation of the Cold War, and today, with every military operations conducted closer to Russia and Allies ‘spheres of Interests’, the intended strategic objective is recognisably the encirclement of Russia and her allies, especially also China. The old Power Politics/Machtpolitiks Logic of the old (modern not post-modern) western states, and United States (as still a modern state, not post-modern according to Robert Cooper, see his essay very interesting calling for ‘liberal imperialism’ and can be found, just google his name. He is a former British diplomat and senior adviser under Blair, hence, Blair’s Interventionist and Adventurous Foreign Policy, he was very influential).

Watch out for the new spy wars, secret alliances, proxy wars etc….what a welcome for 2012! The First Year of Cold War II.

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